TestFLO - Test Management for Jira

Last updated Dec 17, 2019

Test Execution Report

This report shows the ratio of passed executions to all executions of tests. You can review the amount of created Test Case Templates, their executions and number of executions with the given status.


To use the Test Execution Report:

  1. Click on Projects in main bar in Jira and select project from list.
  2. Click on Test Reports on left side menu.
    Report with TestFLO Jira Test Management
  3. Choose the Test Execution Report.


View of the Test Execution Report.

Report with TestFLO Jira Test Management


The Filter will help you choose the right data set for analysis. To obtain an appropriate range of data you can filter the Test Case Templates using a saved filter.

Report with TestFLO Jira Test Management

Filtering by Execution date

This option allows you to select the time interval in which the Test Cases (executions) from the Test Case Templates were created. To choose the right date, click the calendar icon and select the one that interests you. If you select an incorrect date range, the datepicker will be highlighted in red. If you select a date range in which there were no executions, the Summary section will show the number of Unused Tests.


Date fields can be erased with backspace button.

Report with TestFLO Jira Test Management


The Summary section displays information about the number of Test Case Templates and their executions divided into specific statuses. The results of the first category can be displayed in Issue Navigator. Click on the Tests with executions/Unused Tests category and you will be redirected to the Issue Navigator.

Report with TestFLO Jira Test Management

Test Execution Results

The Test Execution Results section shows the percentage of passed executions. Below the progress bar is a table with detailed information about the tests and their executions.

Report with TestFLO Jira Test Management

The columns in the table show the following:

  • Test Case Template - Issue Key of the Test Case Template.
  • Summary - Summary of the Test Case Template.
  • Status - Status of the Test Case Template.
  • Components - The Test Case Template component.
  • Requirements - Issue Key of linked requirement with the Test Case Template.
  • Executions - number of executions (Test Cases) created from the given Test Case Template. The Executions column can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • Passed Executions - the percentage of passed executions for all. Passed Executions column can be sorted by % value. If the values are equal for two Test Case Templates, they are sorted by Executions number.

You can decide which Test Case statuses will be treated as passed. See Passed statuses in TestFLO settings.