TestFLO - Test Management for Jira

Last updated Dec 17, 2019

Test execution


To start execute tests enable the Test Execution module. To get more information see project configuration.

Test Case

After enabling the Test Execution module, the Test Case issue type becomes available. Creating Test Cases is possible with the Create Test Cases operation which is available on Test Plan. Test Case is an issue type which is an executable copy of the Test Case Template. After creating Test Cases on the Test Plan, you can start executing Steps and note their status. You can also report a defect if the Test Case is failed.


See more in the Test Case execution.

Test Case in TestFLO
View of the Test Case

Test Case is a sub-task issue type. You can configure fields in the same way as for any native issue in Jira.


The Preconditions can help you determine the list of conditions that have to be done before a Test Case is run. If the Preconditions were described in the Test Case Template, they will be copied one to one when creating the Test Case.


To get more information see Preconditions.



Operations such as editing, adding and modifying are the same as for Steps in Test Case Template. To learn more, see Steps design.

The Steps panel on Test Case differs from the panel displayed on the Test Case Template. It has an additional column in which you can mark the status of a given step. The statuses displayed in this column are default.

Steps execution on Test Case
The Steps panel on the Test Case

You can set own configuration of Statuses in the General tab.

Test information panel

The Test information panel shows relevant information and allows you to use operations connected with the Test Case.