TestFLO - Test Management for Jira

Last updated Oct 10, 2019

Test Repository

When testing software, the number of tests is likely to grow fast and become really big. To be able to manage them easily, you may need to organize them. Some Jira features like Labels, Components, Fix Version and custom fields can help you categorize tests, however a dedicated multilevel folder structure might be even more beneficial.

Thanks to Test Repository, you can easily organize tests in each Jira project and build a custom structure that suits your needs best. Create new folders, add tests to them and manage these tests directly from the repository.

The Test Repository is accessible from the project sidebar. It’s view consists of two parts:

  • Tree folder view
  • Folder content
Test Repository folder tree

Tree options

  1. Uncategorized folder contains Test Case Templates that have not been categorized in any folder.
  2. All folder contains all Test Case Templates from a particular project. From this folder, you can start to organize your tests and add Test Case Templates to created folders. Select Test Case Templates from the list and drag & drop into the destination folder.
  3. Folder icon adds a new folder to the tree.
  4. Arrows icon expands/collapses all folders.
  5. Shows the number of Test Case Templates in folder and sub-folder/s.
    Test Repository folder tree
  6. Folder operations are displayed by right-clicking on the folder. Menu contains:
    a. Create Test Case Template - creates a Test Case Template in a given folder.
    b. Create Test Plan - creates a Test Plan with tests from a folder.
    c. Add to Test Plan - adds all test from folder to selected Test Plan.
    d. Expand folder - expands folder and its sub-folders.
    e. Collapse folder - collapse folder and its sub-folders.
    f. Add sub-folder - adds sub-folder to the folder.
    g. Rename folder - changes the folder name.

    You can also change the folder name by double-clicking the folder name.

    h. Delete folder - deletes the folder and its content. After clicking on Delete folder, a dialog box appears. To confirm click Delete. If deleted folder contained Test Cases Templates that have not been categorized in any folder they will be moved to Uncategorize folder.
  7. To move the folder in the tree structure use drag & drop option. Grab the folder icon and drag & drop the folder to the desired location.
    Test Repository folder tree

Folder options

  1. The path of the displayed folder.
  2. The number of displayed Test Case Templates.
  3. Refresh icon refreshes the view of folder and sub-folders content.
  4. Plus icon creates a Test Case Template in a given folder.
  5. Bin icon deletes selected Test Case Templates from the folder.
  6. Select all selects all Test Case Templates from folder/s.
  7. The number of selected Test Case Templates.
  8. Search bar helps to filter Test Case Templates using JQL from the folder content.
  9. The path of the sub-folder.
    Test Repository folder tree
  10. To move Test Case Templates from list to given folder select Test Case Templates and drag & drop into the destination folder. To select several templates, hold down the Ctrl key and click the names. To gather several templates sitting next to each other, click the first one and then hold down the Shift key as you click the last. You can also use the Select all button to select all templates.
    Test Repository folder tree

    If in the folder to which you move Test Case Templates already contains these Test Case Templates, they will not be moved.

  11. To organize Test Case Templates on the list use drag & drop option. Grab the selected templates and drag & drop to the target place.