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Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk

Jira Server
Last updated Sep 10, 2019


Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk app extends the default customization options for Jira Service Desk user interface and allows you to design a unique portal for your customers.

A single theme consists a layout and color scheme. Cards is the first proposal.


In Help Center: one card = on service desk project.
In Customer Portal: one card = one request type.

The following parts you can change:

Cards - present your request types as cards with custom graphics. Each card is a one request type. Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk app allows to create and manage your cards by choosing them from six various types, adding custom cards with external links and changing the cards size.

Theme style - design an apperance of your portal. Choose one of six our propositions with ready-made top and bottom background, elements configuration on cards (graphics, background color, title and description), or create a new style which contains top and bottom background, cards apperance and order, welcome text, search bar, Help Center logo, the way of displaying request types groups, and change the cards size.

Default card style - configure default card type and style. Select one from six proposed card types (Horizon Line, Event Horizon, Full Moon, Aurora, Nebula and Exomoon) and configure a card style - graphics, background color, title and description.

Background - create your own top and bottom background. Set an image from your disk, choose graphic position and select background color. Designed background is displayed in request form, request detail view and my requests list.

Welcome text - manage a content and style of welcome text above the search bar. Select content color, font style and alignment.

Search bar - configure an appearance of the search bar and its content. Select text/icon color, background color, border, icon color and border thickness.

Logo - create a Help Center logo appearance. Set a content and its color or replace Help Center text with logo.

Navigation bar - configure a way of displaying request types groups. Select display type: tabs or drop-down list, choose default group text color, hover group text color and groups text color.

Edit card style - create a card style appearance. Each request type is a card which you can configure in a different way. Set a graphics and background color, customize card text style - card title, description and background color.

Custom cards - share big news, useful link or event invitation with your customers - design your own custom cards using HTML.

Help Center:

Introduction to Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk
Introduction to Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk

Customer Portal:

Introduction to Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk
Introduction to Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk

Find Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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