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Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk
Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk
Release notes
Last updated Mar 30, 2020


Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk extends the default customization options for Jira Service Desk user interface and lets you design a unique portal for your customers.

By applying a custom theme, you can make your Help Center and Customer Portal stand out. You can unleash your creativity and create exquisite designs that showcase your style and brand philosophy. A theme consists of a layout and color scheme.

Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk introduces the following themes:

  • List lets you display request types and Service Desk in a transparent list structure for optimal clarity and intuitive, fast navigation. It is fully customizable and brings a fresh, modern look and feel, accentuated with vibrant colors.
  • Cards lets you guide your Customers towards the quickest answer to their inquiry with clear and visually appealing cards representing request types and service desks. You can choose from 6 types of customizable cards.

Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk lets you create custom categories with Categorization and organize your Service Desk projects and request types for an optimal flow of information. It helps make the support process smooth, intuitive, and pleasant both for customers and support agents.

You can also add your own Customer Portal Descriptions to further customize and enhance user experience.

Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk is fully responsive, so it can be used on any computer, tablet, or mobile device, ensuring that your custom designs look great in any resolution.

The following pages are also displayed in a selected theme with Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Request approved

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