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Translation for Jira Service Desk

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Last updated Dec 19, 2017

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If you’re using Jira Service Desk to provide multi-national customer support, consider offering your customer base localized help. In order to do this, translating various components of your Service Desk is crucial.

Although you can make some translations using default Jira tools, this way you can only translate static fields like My Requests or Create. The workflow is also highly time-consuming: you need to add every language manually, review the default translations and then add translations to the custom content. The Translation app makes this process much easier and also allows to translate non-static field values.

The app supports the following types of values:

  • Groups of request types
  • Request types
  • Descriptions of request types
  • Fields (and fields’ help)
  • SLAs
  • Summaries (using post function)
  • Help center name
  • Welcome message

The app does not have access to the Jira Service Desk search engine. This implies that the user will not be able to find a translated request type value using the search field. This cannot be featured in the app due to a technical limitation.