Trello Sync for Jira

Jira Server
Last updated Aug 22, 2017


Jira server is behind the company firewall and is not accessible from outside. What should I do?

For appropriate synchronization between the system Jira and service Trello, they must meet the following requirements:

  1. For outgoing synchronization (Jira → Trello)
    Trello application website address must be visible on the server where the system Jira is installed.

  2. For incoming synchronization (Trello → Jira)
    When you create or update Trello cards, Trello platform generates a webhook to your Jira. Changes are visible immediately.
    When a model with a webhook changes, the update is fired via an HTTP POST request from Trello to the URL provided. That callbackURL looks like http://{base_Jira_url}/rest/trello/1.0/trello/elementUpdate. It is important to make this URL visible on the outside.


For more information on Trello webhooks, go to Trello website.

What is the reason of ‘error during synchronization’ status?

After creating a new issue in Jira in Queue view is visible the following status: ‘error during synchronization’.

For appropriate Jira → Trello synchronization, a project workflow must have following settings (post functions after create issue) in proper order:

  1. Creates the issue originally.
  2. Re-index an issue to keep indexes in sync with the database.
  3. Fire a Issue created event that can be processed by the listeners.

These three points are important in this order. Reindex should be always performed after create issue. See an example below: