Trello Sync for Jira

Jira Server
Last updated Aug 17, 2017

Getting started

Find Trello Sync for Jira app on the Atlassian Marketplace.

Trello Sync for Jira app helps companies to make the most out of Trello and Jira for their workflow management and productivity.

Do you use Jira project to conduct development of your app? Do you want to present roadmap in an interesting way for your customers? Trello Sync for Jira app allows you to map the most important information from Jira issues to Trello cards. You can synchronise not only summary and description, but also labels, attachments, issue keys, priorities, and more. Comments can be also visible on Trello board. Do you want to hide them? No problem! It’s only one click in Trello Sync configuration in your Jira project.

Does Marketing Department in your company prefer using Trello board to manage their projects? But developers don’t like it? Thanks to Trello Sync for Jira app you can make synchronization also in another direction. Don’t worry about labels, or attachments in Trello. They will be copied to Jira issues too.

It is also possible to configure two-way synchronization. Integrate both worlds, business and development, using one app: Trello Sync for Jira.

To learn about first steps, go to Basic of synchronization.

To read how to create Trello card from new Jira issue, go to Jira → Trello synchronization.

To find information on adding Trello card with attachments as Jira issue, go to Trello → Jira synchronization.