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IT BarMeet

Our first meet-up covered three main topics:

  • ReactJS in Jira
  • Documentation and project management (scripts, testing, etc.)
  • ReactJS in ES6

WHEN: Sep | 27 | 2017 WHERE: Wroclaw, Poland

Event was held by InTENSO in the Doctors’ Bar - the brewery bar located in the city centre of Wroclaw. Our speakers presented solutions from our apps team. Krzysztof Skoropada opened the event with the introduction about our daily work. Piotr Patrzek had a presentation about ReactJS: using components, provided by Atlassian in AtlasKit, in Jira. This topic was continued by Tomasz Krzyżowski who focused on ReactJS in ES6. Katarzyna Pawlak described her cooperation as a technical writer with developers.

We are really happy of your presence!

Feel free to download our presentations.

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