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1 feature that you always required from your test management software

Boguslaw Osuch - 18 July 2016 - 0 comments

Requirement is an optional part of Test Management (if working with Agile, some may use a Story or Epic synonymously). However, it is very common to use Jira for Requirements Management. We use it too in TestFLO – Test Management for Jira add-on, as we find it useful for defining needs that later have a great significance for testers (and entire  test management teams).


But how to know if a Requirement has met our expectations about being use for the test management sub-process such as: preparation and execution? You have to report it, expose the information in some way (without this you are unable to  monitor your test management process, and be aware of its progress).

Panel Filter Result

This is where one of great TestFLO functionalities comes in – the Panel Filter Result.
It is an element, placed on the issue view screen, that collects and then presents issues of your choice, connected with a parent (or matched in other specific way) issue.

Usage of this construction gives you the whole view on a Test Coverage – it allows you to describe test scenarios for your requirements as well as keep executed test cases visible in one place. Connected Test Cases and Test Case Templates can store steps list (Actions, Input Data, Expected Result, etc.) for you and link with requirement, or a bunch of requirements, if you have complex scenarios that cover many features, functionalities in your test management process.

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