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Don’t let your customer surprise you

Boguslaw Osuch - 18 August 2016 - 0 comments

Use TestFLO as test management software for Jira

Have you ever been in a situation, that you have been developing software for your client, then you are asked to report the current state of work, but you cannot give him access to your Jira because of the company policies? That is why Jira offers you the Export Options, within the issue view or on the issue navigator (of course if your Jira administrator hasn’t disabled it). But when you develop software, this same situation might happen to you. Not every Test Management software can give you this option – TestFLO for Jira does.

For the same reason as Atlassian, we at Deviniti decided to make exports separate from the main add-on code. That is why we created free, open source TestFLO Reports, that makes up the TestFLO add-on.

You may ask why does one need a custom product for exports? Well, if you have that question, then we can assume that you have not tried the TestFLO plugin itself yet. Therefore, you may be unaware that the plugin’s additional subtasks level is not that easy to report due to the complexity of Jira, nevertheless, we have managed to do it.

How does this Reports in test management for Jira works?

TestFLO Reports can export data to PDF or HTML all Test Cases within a Test Plan, including the Test Cases’ steps with its data and colored statuses. You can also export additional issues such as Story or Requirement. Of course the file is created on the basis of the Jira Query Language (JQL) filter result of your choice or by the built in report engine. Moreover, if you have any ideas regarding new reports feel free to join us on BitBucket project. If not, simply because you are unsure, just try the plugin as it is.

Get the TestFLO plugin for free here 

Read more about BitB04ucket cooperation here 

See an example of generated PDF here 

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