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Everything You Should Know About TestFLO Custom Fields – Part 2

Boguslaw Osuch - 4 January 2017 - 0 comments

This post is the second installment of our tutorial where we explore the rich array of custom fields offered in our JIRA test management plugin, TestFLO.

Click here to see the first part of this seriesHere’s an introduction to the remaining TestFLO custom fields to help you make the most out of the plugin for test management at your organization.

Enhanced Issue Picker CF

This custom field is one of the most advanced fields available in TestFLO. Enhanced Issue Picker CF is an excellent choice if you’d like to build unlimited subtask levels and create a complex structure of issues dependencies. With TestFLO, you can use it to create a multi-level structure by connecting TP, Defects with Requirements, and/or Requirements with Requirements.

Have a look at its configuration here.

You’ll see that there are plenty of options to choose from.

For example, if you want to create a Requirement CF on a test plan  issue, you’ll need to restrict issues to a particular Requirement issue type. Issue type & project restrictions option allows to do just that – and much more!

Issue Link Field

You can use this custom field to link issues with each other. Unfortunately, at the moment the field doesn’t offer any configuration options, and it’s not editable. Still, you can use it to link a Test Case Template (TCT) with a test case, as defined in the test case context. For more information, check out this global configuration page.

Aggregate Links

This custom field basically aggregates issue keys from a given type of link.  For example, if you’d like to aggregate bugs under a Test Case issue, all you need to do is select all those that are unresolved, and your job is done. How to configure the field? Go to your Custom Field section and add InTENSO [TMS] – Aggregate Links CF.

At this point, you can define the context scheme for applicable issue types and projects. You can also restrict the visibility of linked issues for individual screens by picking particular issue statuses.

Learn more about the configuration of this smart custom field here.

Real Estimated TC Workload

This custom field displays the real estimated workload calculated for the retest. It’s a great pick if you’d like to monitor and track your testing process carefully. Have a look here to configure the field and make the most out of its estimation for your test management.

Sum Subtasks Customfield Value

If you’d like to sum up the number values from subtasks, this is a custom field for you. You can use it on a test plan for demonstrating the aggregated values from a test case.

Have a look here to check out an example of its usage. Our team of experts created two fields of Sum Subtasks Customfield Value: Total Estimation and UAT TCs (which refers to test cases qualified for UAT testing).

Aggregate Subtask Values

This is another advanced custom field in our TestFLO collection. You can use Aggregate Subtask Values to aggregate Defects for your test plan. The field collects Defects links from your test cases and displays them all in your test plan. Now, you might think that the field looks similar to Filter Result CF, but that’s not true. These fields have different configurations and ultimately serve different purposes. Head here to learn more about the field.

Key Takeaway

With its richness of custom fields and a variety of their configurations, TestFLO a flexible and practical test management plugin for Jira. Adjusting all these fields to your needs and requirements, you’ll create a streamlined test management process that is flawless, easy to manage and understandable to your users.

Interested to see how these TestFLO custom fields could work for your test management? Check out this page to get a free 30-day trial.

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