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How is Defect crucial for the work of testers?

Boguslaw Osuch - 25 July 2016 - 0 comments

TestFLO Test Management Software for Jira

Defect is an item crucial for the work of testers – without it the test management process would be incomplete as there would be no easy way to monitor the product development and corresponding issues. Testers may need to prepare test scenarios using both Requirements and Defects. Also, it is helpful to see the real picture of needs and problems over time, which is important for future project development and regression testing.

Due this importance, we, at Deviniti, have decided to create special functionalities for the Defect issue type, inside of the TestFLO Test Management for Jira add-on.

To easily keep track of the test process you can create a defect (bug) right from an open Test Case (or Test Plan if you know that it is not a unit problem but one that has a wider range). Use the ‘Create Defect’ Operation on Test Case view issue screen to forward to the Create Issue screen. Underneath this operation:

  • automatically links defect with Test Case (with a newly defined bidirectional link type),
  • redirects you back to your context (that is the Test Case),
  • optionally it links Defect with Requirement defined in Test Plan that the Test Case comes from.

How is “defect” might be connected in your test management software?

When creating defect from Test Case, it can be automatically connected with a Requirement for a given Test Plan.

Moreover, if you already have a Test Case that is not linked with a defect, but there is one,  you can still do it.

All the connections are clearly visible to business users or testers (depending on the JIRA user account permission, especially if you decide to use separate projects for the test management and the business cases) in separate places:

  • listed (issues keys) within Defects custom field, on the issue view screen,
  • in Issue Links section on the issue view screen,
  • in Panel Filter Result on the issue view screen,
  • Test Plan Snapshots,
  • as a column on the Issue Navigator.

Except the mentioned places, you can still see a bigger picture of:

  • defects vs fixes,
  • defects in relation to: project, versions, labels, status, reporter, assignee, resolution, component and any statable custom field,
  • defect resolution time,
  • etc.

simply by using standard Jira Dashboard gadgets.

Should you have further questions regarding the Defects use, feel free to ask.

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