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How to Make the Most from Jira for Test Management

Boguslaw Osuch - 1 December 2016 - 0 comments

You can’t efficiently release a bug-free product without a proper test management tool in place.

It’s smart to rely on tests report generated through both manual and automatic test executions. They provide you with all the critical information regarding the quality of your product.

If you spot any bugs or errors, you can easily report them back to the development team and have them quickly fixed before your product sees the light.

Using the right plugins, you can transform your Jira into a powerful tool for test management.

Here’s everything you should know about managing test cases and executing tests in Jira.

This post was inspired by the fantastic content created by our friends at MGM Technology Partners. Head over here to check out their comprehensive guide to Jira test management.

Why Use Jira for Test Management?

Jira is usually used to manage the requirements and tasks for the development of your project. If you decide to manage your tests in Jira as well, it will serve as an all-in-one tool for your entire development process.

You can only imagine what an advantage it would give to agile teams that are highly interdisciplinary.

If you manage your test cases in Jira, you can include them in your sprint. It means that QA will always be part of the process.

To transform your Jira into a smart test management tool, all you need is a plugin that adds specific features to your instance. There’s no reason to set up a new infrastructure, implement new tools or provide training to your team.

Installing these plugins, you’ll ensure that your Jira can perform all the fundamental test management tasks:

  • Creation of a test case repository with test steps, data, and expected results;
  • Collection of tests to be executed in particular sprint, version, or release;
  • Test execution based on test cases;
  • Reports of test execution results and other metadata.

Which Jira Plugins Help in Testing?

Now that you know what you can do with Jira when it comes to managing your tests, it’s time to talk about plugins.

Have a look at the Atlassian Marketplace, and you’ll see a wide variety of test management add-ons.

They can be divided into three categories:

  • Test management with particular issue types;
  • Test management with specific objects that organize tests;
  • Interfaces for external test management tools.

If you’re interested in test management with issue types, TestFLO is your go-to tool.

Testing in Jira – Key Functionalities

Here’s a closer look at some of the basic test requirements showing how our plugin helps Jira users to deal with them and deliver outstanding test management solutions.

Repository with Test Case Templates

In TestFLO, Test Case Templates are simply a particular issue type.

That’s why you should create a separate project for the test repository to make sure no issues from your development repository are executed by mistake.

It’s smart to define a workflow for Test Case Templates as well. That’s how you can check whether a test is executable, obsolete, or not finally defined.

Test collections

Test Plans are a component of TestFLO responsible for the gathering the execution of all Tests or Test Case Templates. Test Plans are created for particular sprints, versions, or releases.

If you start a Test Plan, all tests which are part of it will be executed. You’ll see them all in a summary view, and you’ll be able to check the state of individual tests. You can configure these states to match your needs, going beyond the passed, failed, or unexecuted statuses.

In TestFLO, the Test Plan is a Jira issue, so you can easily customize all the fields as you would in any other issue type. For example, you can assign the Test Plan to a particular user, create its work log and perform standard Jira issue actions.

Executions with Test Cases

In TestFLO, Test Cases are treated as issues. They offer the same possibilities and have the same limitations.

When you’re executing a test, it’s possible to set a state for each test step. In TestFLO, the bugs can be linked to your Test Cases or Test Plans.


Most test management plugins provide their users with a broad range of reports and metrics. TestFLO is no exception.

What does the plugin show you? Here’s a selection of the main features displayed in reports:

  • Overview of test cases and collections;
  • State of execution for a test collection (presented in numbers, percentages, and diagrams);
  • Analysis of test collections showing which test cases were performed and what were their results;
  • Summary of bugs in each test execution or collection;
  • Links to test steps or executions relevant to the bug.

TestFLO carefully tracks all the performed tests and creates comprehensive reports which offer a detailed look into the state of your test management.

Jira Test Management – The Bottom Line

If you’re a Jira user, you’re used to performing standard tasks through issues. Issues are at the core or Jira.

That’s why working with TestFLO is so easy. After all, the plugin creates a test management environment on the basis of issues.

And you can be sure that it will work for people who aren’t familiar with Jira. Sure, issues tend to be a little overwhelming at the beginning, but users adapt quickly.

And it’s worth to introduce users to these functionalities since TestFLO provides a broad range of actions for managing test cycles and executions.

Once your testers get used to Jira, they’ll be able to fully customize your Test Case Templates, Test Plans and Test Cases with specific workflows, additional custom fields, and work logs.

If you’re working with an agile team, you’ll want to plan your tests within sprints. TestFLO helps to do that because you can place your plans directly in your sprints and manage them just like any other issue in your sprint.

Key Takeaway

Jira readily lends itself to test management functionalities.

Plugins like TestFLO provide their users with everything they need to manage their tests.

The rich customization options and ease of use make TestFLO a great starting point in transforming a Jira instance into an efficient test management environment.

Want to see how TestFLO could turn your Jira into a smart test management tool for your project? Head over here to try the plugin for free.

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