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Import Test Cases smoothly from TestLink, CSV, REST or Zephyr

Boguslaw Osuch - 16 September 2016 - 0 comments

Take advantage of Test Cases as Jira issues

It happens quite often that companies migrate from different Jira test management tools to TestFLO Jira plugin by Deviniti. To make it easier for users to start working with TestFLO, we gave them possibility to import Test Case Templates from external sources.

As a user, with user / role / group permissions granted by your administrator, you can easily access the Import / Export section from the Jira top menu. Here is a simple panel below, where you select whether to import or export. Test Cases from or to a CSV. You can also import Test Cases from XML based TestLink file.

Further configuration is absolutely minimal thanks to our integrated Wizard.

Of course, above mentioned solutions are for basic import / export method. If you need to make advanced import with own preferences you will definitely use the Jira build in REST/JSON API, which should face your needs in importing to TestFLO. Here is an example of proper JSON import code.

Another great feature is that you can import Test Steps from CSV directly to your Test Case instead of importing the whole Test Case.

Except the technical Test Cases import and export there is also Tests export to HTML or PDF functionality. It’s not about taking data to use it later in another Test Case but rather more about taking the summary of your Tests progress for the business purpose – you can make it within Test Case, Test Plan or Issue navigator view.

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