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Snapshots in TestFLO – Test Management Software for Jira

Boguslaw Osuch - 1 August 2016 - 0 comments

Reporting in Jira

Atlassian Jira is great for current task management, but when it comes to reporting over time, you may find it difficult without additional plugins. The same refers to reporting subtasks progress under a parent issue. That is why TestFLO  – Test Management Software provides Jira with another depth level of issues (under sub-tasks) we, at Deviniti, decided to give testers and test managers the possibility to make snapshots showing progress of Test Management process and changes over time in executed test plans and test cases.

Why snapshot is critical in Test Management Software and what does it provide you directly?

In one sentence: it allows the Test Plan state to be saved at any given time. You can use it for:

  • regression tests
  • tests for different builds
  • tests for different environments
  • etc.

In TestFLO our Test Management Software you can store information, such us:

  • date and time when the snapshot was created
  • list of Test Cases under a Test Plan
  • Status, Summary and Key of each Test Case
  • who executed each Test Case (Assignee)
  • reported Defects (linked with a Test Case)
  • Connected Requirements
  • Test Results
  • Custom field from the current Test Plan, such as Test Plan Progress, etc.

How does it work? To create a Snapshot in TesFLO you have to add a post-function on a workflow that is used for your Test Plan. There is no limitation to status categories (To Do, In Progress, Done) or how many times the snapshot may be executed, so you can place this post-function on any transition of your choice. This gives you the possibility to either execute it once per issue lifetime or multiple times during many steps in one flow. Creating a loop snapshot transition to the same status is also available. You can also choose between creating a snapshot history or just making and overwriting one snapshot time and again.

Please visit our Confluence-based documentation of TestFLO – Test Management for Jira plugin for more information in regards to configuration and possibilities of Snapshots workflow transition.

Or try free 30 day trial:  TestFLO – Test Management software for Jira:

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