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Steps in TestFLO – Test Management Software for Jira

Boguslaw Osuch - 13 July 2016 - 0 comments

Simply define steps with actions, inputs and expected results

Following a prolonged period  of using Atlassian Jira, some users may experience the feeling that due to the flat issues structure (parent issue and only one sub-task level underneath) task fragmentation is insufficient particularly when used in con

junction with Test Management Software. We do not negate the opinion, nor agree with it, as it depends on the individual company and Jira organization (or the direct test management structure).

Instead of that in TestFLO our Test Management Software for Jira we have developed a new level under the subtasks – “Test Steps”. Despite not looking like a regular task, it is integrated with Jira in a way that is transparent for users. No extra “sub-sub-tasks”, just great and clear representation of steps / tasks / instructions that need to be done to complete a single subtask – critical for those test departments where the structure of company is highly complex.

Why do testers require it in Test Management Software?

The Standard Description field in Jira offers you a simple Wiki markup formatting so you can create a numbered list of steps or try to place them in a simple table – a table that has to be built in a painful way every time you create or edit issue details. This might be one of the most dire disadvantages in Test Management Software. That is why Test Steps in TestFLO are a simple solution for increasing your test management process efficiency.

Steps are the exact opposite of the Description field – no fancy text styling, no painful table formatting. Instead of  you receive a ready tabular construction (columns are set once by an administrator) where you simply place your data: action to do in your test process – input, expected result, etc. It is not a static but a fully functional field that allows you to mark a particular step with color status – To Do, In Progress, Pass, Fail – you name it, literally. Moreover, the test steps may be reordered and grouped the way you want or need per test. You can also import whole steps set from a CSV file.

Why do managers find Test Steps critical for increasing the testing process efficiency?

#1 Replay for Test Management Software expectations

It is crystal clear to read. Separate columns for content, and statuses with different colors – no extra philosophy to learn when there is no time for it.

#2 Replay for Test Management Software expectations

The statuses can be aggregated to one field, showing the real test progress within a Test Case.

#3 Replay for Test Management software expectations

The same aggregation field may be reused under a Test Plan (parent issue) view, on a Test Cases list (it as another great TestFLO functionality) – every Test Case on the list has its own progress bar visible.

#4 Replay for Test Management software expectations

There is another cumulative field that sums up the progress of all those Test Cases under a Test Plan. Now you can see the bigger picture.

#5 Replay for Test Management software expectations

This element is the possibility to use the Test Plan Progress cumulative field on a Jira Filter Result gadget on your dashboard. Now you can see the whole picture.

If it is somehow not enough, this video might be interesting for you:

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