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Your test process doesn’t work properly?

Boguslaw Osuch - 27 December 2016 - 0 comments

Every company delivering software products requires dedicated approach in the matter of test process. However there are some basic standards – methods that in most of cases are being adjusted for specific needs. Of course each company can create its own but it takes a lot of time and in the end it is always better to start from recognising existing ones.

One of the methods that might embrace your testing process in that proposed by TestFLO software, created on the foundation of more than 10 years of experience in providing development services for big companies.

What could go wrong in a testing process? Main threats:

Misalignment of testers and developers work

  • On the basis of a given Requirement, Testing and Development is always a “V” letter, as you can see in the picture. The worst scenario is when these lines separate too much – and both teams don’t cooperate with each other. Time between testing and development is too long… the whole structure is not agile, and it’s not answering customer needs fast enough. From that point there is a straight way to lose competitive advantage.
  • Assigning single test cases on spot
    • In small organisations where PM can have all the process in his head, it might even be the best solution, however, in medium or big teams it means chaos. And no matter how smart the process owner is, separated and accidentally given test cases will make the whole work a mess.

 Main assumptions of TestFLO methodGet rid of single assigned test cases

  • We were trying to find the way how we can make the manager not to assign test cases on spot. We have prepared the process where planning takes place directly in a template, which is in the second step easily transformed into Test Plan and sent into execution, with almost at a click of a single button. Thanks to that  the chaos in our customers IT departments (and in our own) decreased. And what is invaluable profit is that these  templates make it possible to run every regression test on demand, without additional preparing. Even if it is  not used any more, you can always get back to it. And in any unexpected situation, you can assign specific test cases once more, which is a big advantage of TestFLO process.
  • Create cooperation between testers and developers in real time
    • Thanks to TestFLO solution every defect (bug) that has been reported from a test specialist automatically appears in the whole structure and is taken into consideration in real time.

Key takeaways

  • If you don’t want to fail in testing process, do what you can:
    • Not to assign single test cases to your testers, assign tester to Test Plan. You need to find the solution to create templates and run everything in the repeatable process, where everything is clear for the team. Otherwise it will lead to chaos, and will force you to plan these same test cases all over again.
    • To decrease the time between finding the defect and reporting it to the development teams. Ideal situation – in real time.

TestFLO is not only a solution that will allow you run test process management, but it solves the two above described problems.  You can try it for free – by clicking the link. Or contact me directly, I (or one of our specialists) will do you a demo 

PS To launch TestFLO Jira is needed – I can take care of that too, please just don’t hesitate to write.

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