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Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk

Over 30,000 IT and business teams from all over the world use Jira Service Desk. Without customization, each Customer Portal looks the same, so how would your customers know which one belongs to your company?

About Theme Extension for Jira Service Desk

Jira Service Desk should be applied a distinctive brand style to provide your customers with consistent experience across your web properties and increase their satisfaction with the support process.

Our brand new app brings the default customization options for this solution’s user interface a step further and allows you to design a unique portal for your customers.

How does it work?

Choose from 6 types of cards

The first Theme we’ve created is based on 6 types of cards for request types which you can choose from to suit your taste and brand guidelines.

Select a color scheme

We’ve included a bunch of preset color schemes as well so you can see how the cards look like in action and have a good starting point for customization.

Apply them together and get creative

Then fully customize your cards: change the graphics, format request type names and descriptions. Reposition the cards on the grid by drag and drop, and adjust their size by simply dragging a slider.

Adjust the smallest details

Upload a background image for the whole Portal and choose between standard and minimized height. Display request type groups horizontally or as a dropdown. Customize the appearance of the search bar as well.

Add custom cards with HTML

Want to provide customers with a link to external resources, share big news or invite them to an event you host? Design a custom card that will catch their eye!

Create unique Customer Portals

Adjust the look and feel for each Service Desk project separately. Don’t wake up the admin for every change you want to make. Create and save your custom themes to switch between them easily later on.

How does it look like?

No need to code!
The intuitive WYSIWYG configuration lets you become the Andy Warhol of your Customer Portal.

No more stacking modules on top of each other and breaking the whole system! The app provides you with a consistent theme across each screen of Jira Service Desk.

According to surveys, 87% of customers would accept higher price for a great experience, so this is clearly a promising investment.

“Let the things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you”

– Andy Warhol

Once you compose your dream Customer Portal, take a snapshot and upload it on Twitter mentioning

#ThemeExtension and @deviniti_apps!

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