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The Deviniti partnership agreement with WhiteSource: Open Source Security and License Management

Radoslaw Kosiec - 12 September 2018 - 0 comments

Here at Deviniti, we are continuously searching for best solutions that we could implement for the benefit of our customers. Our partnership agreement with WhiteSource is the next step towards ensuring maximum security in software work.

What is WhiteSource?

WhiteSource is a platform for managing the compatibility and security of open source licenses. It is an ideal solution that watches over the updates of the source code components. All is required is to indicate the place of the code repository in which we store the open source software code (e.g. in GitLab), and the WhiteSource software scans the repository for component updates and compliance with the license terms.

In IT projects, the development process is often complicated and time consuming . WhiteSource, first of all, analyzes which libraries were used in the software production process. File System Agent (FSA) – boot WhiteSource which scans the repository checks them locally. If the developers use some libraries to create software, we will receive a thorough report containing information about all of them.

This eliminates the largest threats resulting from the use of outdated or dangerous open source libraries in the software development process. The final report appears in the form of clear and concise tables and charts that allow us to analyze the components used in our project. Such an analysis can be done in the cloud as well as locally.

The Deviniti and WhiteSource engineering team provides full software implementing support. Contact our Polish engineer directly. We will answer all your questions and help you choose the right solutions. We will organize a demo session and present how to effectively use WhiteSoruce in your projects.