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Last updated Jun 28, 2020

Variables Library

Learn how to manage variables from the Variables Library.

Global Variables

As mentioned before, you can make any user variable global - that is, available in all issues within the Template Repository (TEMP). In order to do so, you only need to click Enable for all template issues while creating or editing the variable.

You can then manage global variables from the Administration Panel within the Template Repository (TEMP). Here’s what the new panel allows you to do (see descriptions below):

Issue Templates for Jira - Variables
Issue Templates for Jira - Variables
  1. View all user variables that were set up as global as well as all custom system variables - the ones that were created by the Administrator.
  2. View all predefined system variables. You may use them in your templates but you won’t be able to edit them.
  3. Create a new variable. (Only user global variables and custom system variables are available here. If you want to create a simple user variable, you can do it from the right-hand panel on the issue screen).
  4. Search through all variables.
  5. Configure a variable.
  6. Filter the variables' list.

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