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Our technologies stimulate the growth of every organization.
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Take advantage of the world's best software for supporting process performance in organizations - at the same time, a platform for organizing teams and software development tools.

Atlassian creates an environment of products that are perfectly integrated with each other. The key Jira platform in cooperation with other tools suits not only in the IT industry, but others as well. Discover the most popular tools of modern teams.

At Deviniti, we develop software that extends the capabilities of Atlassian products such as Jira and Jira Service Desk, used by 5 million people from 103 countries around the world. To date, we have created 17 popular extensions for Atlassian products.

Deviniti is the only company in Poland that holds the title of Atlassian’s Partner with Platinum and Enterprise statuses. Following a traditional order, select a license that matches your needs, the number of its users, and one of the three lengths of support by Atlassian.

DevOps with Deviniti

Thanks to DevOps, organizations create an efficient environment that enables managing constant change. We simplify processes in complex implementations as much as possible.

We can configure a platform for you that will store the built-in version of your project in a secure repository. This solution enables easy communication with many different technologies, increases productivity, and facilitates their mutual integration.

We can configure a system for you in which each change will start automatic processes within the CI/CD pipeline. Thanks to GitLab, Jenkins, Perforce and Bamboo, we can verify changes or build a new version of the application, and pass it on to the deployment.

Following many years of working in software development, we have faced many challenges successfully. Learn the history of our implementations with the help of tools allowing rapid deployment and autoscaling depending on load and needs.

Custom Development

We provide a wide range of ready-made solutions that we can implement and configure for you. We use the most adequate work methodology to meet specific customer requirements.

Our employees are certified in the Scrum, PMBOK, Prince2, and ITIL methodologies. We are constantly developing our skills and improving our competences in agile software development methodologies.

We have extensive experience in creating both backend and frontend, building and displaying complex APIs, integration with enterprise-class solutions, operation with Big Data, and designing complex architectures.

The quick application of automation allows providing better solutions. Thanks to constant improvements, we are building a smarter and more reliable process of software development, from idea to its implementation.

Tools for Help Desk, CRM and customer support

We provide modern tools for customer service and management of IT services. We help in the optimization of processes and the selection of appropriate tools.

Comprehensive solutions based on Freshworks products (Freshdesk, Freshsales, Freshservice, Freshchat, Freshcaller, Freshteam, Freshmarketer), Google (G Suite), Backupify, Cloudally, Calamari, Collavate. There products are cloud-based, easy to configure and use, and offering many ready-made integrations.

Our team of experts will advise you about how to effectively use tools in your company. We will help you choose and implement the appropriate modules. We will explain the licensing rules. We will train users. We will provide the maintenance and administration of the system.

We have numerous examples of how our preparation, experience, and specialist knowledge,as well as unique products from the best Partners on the market boost the efficiency of organizations.

Cooperation in the creation of a database system, scoring points, creating websites, reporting, administration, and ensuring the overall security and stability of the system.

— HSBC Bank Polska S.A.

platform supporting certification processes (ISO & other accreditations). International deployment (Europe, US & China). Custom made ERP-like platform supporting all certification related processes (offer & contract management, certification project management & realization, HR - auditor management, certificate lifecycle management – recertification, expiration&cancellation, billing, reporting).

— DEKRA Certification GmbH

Implementation of Atlassian Jira. Based on Jira platform implementation of various projects: custom test management solution, custom time tracking module, implementation of continuous delivery process based on JIRA and IBM Maximo implementation. Atlassian stack maintenance & development.

— ING Bank Śląski S.A.

Implementation of global ERP system based on Atlassian Jira platform. System is responsible for management of translation services offered to Lionbridge customers provided worldwide (100+ languages, all continents).

— Lionbridge

Purchase of Atlassian product licenses - Jira with extensions, consultation,and implementation, creation of dedicated extensions to Jira, Helpdesk Management, integration of Atlassian software with existing systems, outsourcing of IT staff.

— Żabka Polska Sp. z o.o.

Thanks to the support and professionalism of InTENSO employees we successfully managed to complete some challenging projects, what allowed us to greatly improve the effectivity of our operations in the field of lead management and reaching new customers by means of the internet.

— Bernard Gołko

Dyrektor Departamentu Sprzedaży i Bankowości Elektronicznej, Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A.

Basing on the experience of our hitherto co-operation with InTENSO Sp. z o.o., we recommend the company for their professional customer support and high quality of solutions they have created.

— Filip Czuchwicki

Dyrektor Zarządzający A. Jedliński i Wspólnicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych i Adwokatów sp. k.

The software provided by Deviniti Sp. z o.o. is of very high significance to our daily work. InTENSO Sp. z o.o. met all our technical requirements. Our co-operation is still expanding and we are fully satisfied with the quality of the services we were provided with.

— Jarosław Pleskot

CFO Carefleet S.A.

We are pleased with experience of our cooperation, and through the created software we gained significant competitive advantage. Tools prepared by Deviniti allowed us to build the image of an innovative company. Deviniti specialists’ knowledge and experience are the biggest advantages of this company with no doubt, and commissioned projects' realization at specified time is the biggest benefit for a potential business partner.

— Przemysław Bartkowiak

Revenue Alley, CEO & Founder

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