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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
Release notes
Last updated Feb 22, 2021

Test Automation project configuration

Together with the Test Automation module, you have the option of enabling the creation of Test Case Templates in the selected project. The Test Case Templates are created together with Test Cases which are based on automated tests. The benefits of this approach are:

  • Created Test Case Templates can be reused - you can only add selected Test Case Templates to the Test Plan so you can limit which test results are to be imported.
  • Test Case Templates and their executions in Test Cases can be linked with Requirements and tracked in TestFLO Reports.
  • The Test Automation tab will only be available after the CI Servers configuration for a given project.
  • To enable Test Case Template creation it is required to enable the Test Repository module in Test Management in a project where you want to store the Test Case Templates.

Configuration in the Test Automation tab is available to users with permissions:

  • Jira System Administrator
  • Jira Administrator
  • Project Administrator


To enable the Test Case Templates creation:

  1. Click on Projects in the main bar in Jira and select a project from the project list where you run the automated tests.
  2. Go to Project Settings by click on the gear icon.
  3. Click on Test Management from the left side menu.
  4. Select the Test Automation tab.
    Test Automation tab
    Test Automation tab
  5. To enable creation select the Create in current project or Create in another project. Available options:
  • Don’t create - Test Case Templates will not be created. This option is marked as default.
  • Create in current project - Test Case Templates will be created in the current project.
  • Create in another project - Test Case Templates will be created in selected the project from the list.


The configuration has been saved. From now on, when you run automated tests, the Test Case Templates will be created along with the Test Cases. If the Test Case Template has already been created from the source Test Case, they will not be created again if the Run automated tests operation is used again.