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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
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Last updated Feb 22, 2021

TestFLO - Linked Issue Keys

The Linked Issue Keys is an advanced custom field that aggregates issue keys of linked issues that have the same link type. In TestFLO it is used to show issue keys of linked defects to the Test Case and Steps in the Defects field (TestFLO - Linked Issue Keys).


The Defects field is not set by default on any screen. TestFLO uses this field to view aggregate issue keys in the Test information panel. If needed you can add this field to screen.

The type of link is automatically set in the configuration as a Defect link type. After create or link defect with given Test Case or Step all defects will be displayed in the Test information panel in the Defects section.


You can use the TestFLO - Linked Issue Keys for any purpose, not just to show the defects. You can add this field like other custom fields in Jira Administration.

TestFLO defects
View of Defects custom field in Custom fields configuration

You can configure this field using following options:

This option allows you to choose the link type based on which the keys will be aggregated. Click Edit Issue link type and select appropriate link type from the list.

Show as list size

This option allows you to change the display mode. If it is OFF then the field shows the issue keys, if ON then the field shows the number of linked issues.


This option works only when the Defects field is set on the issue screen.

Statuses filter

This option allows you to limit the visibility of linked issues by selecting certain issue statuses. If empty, all statuses will apply.