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TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
TestFLO - Test Management for Jira
Release notes
Last updated Aug 31, 2021

Issue Search Dialog

The Issue search dialog allows the user to select issues that will be processed in the selected operation. The dialog is used in the following operations:

Depending on the operation you are performing, the dialog filters appropriate issues.

Operation Issue Comments
Add to existing Test Plan Test Plan If other issue types are configured as Test Plans (Additional Test Plan issue types option), they will also be filtered out.
Create Test Cases Test Case Template Filtering Test Case Templates with a status configured as Active status.
Link with Requirement All issues If the requirements have been configured in the Project Settings in the Requirements tab, the list of requirements in the dialog is limited to these issue types only.
Link with Defect All issues If the defects have been configured in the Project Settings in the Defects tab, the list of defects in the dialog is limited to these issue types only.

The Issue search dialog includes the following items:

create test cases and linking requirements
View of Issue Search Dialog
  1. Quick filters. This section display list of quick filters connected with Fix Version/s, Component, or coverage of source issue. It shows also recently viewed issues. Below is a selection list of projects and saved filters.
  2. Search bar. By default, it is set to search issues by its Summary, but you can change the search mode to JQL. Click Advanced to switch the search to JQL.
  3. The number of marked issues show how many issues you have selected.
  4. List with issues shows the filtered list according to the selected operation.

    You can adjust the number of issues displayed on the page in the TestFLO settings in the Page size: issue searcher dialog option.


    Changing the filter clears the selections for the previously selected issues.