Trello Sync for Jira

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Last updated Aug 17, 2017

Trello board

This page provides information on preparing a Trello board before configuring the integration between Trello and Jira.


All cards on Trello board which had been created before configuring the integration cannot be synchronized.

Using Trello Sync for Jira app, it is also important to understand Trello basics. Components, described below, are necessary to using app in an efficient way.

  • Board (Trello board) represents project. It is a place to organise tasks on lists and collaborate with team.
  • Lists (Trello lists) keep cards organised in their various stages on progress.
  • Cards (Trello card) represent tasks and issues. They can be moved across lists as tasks go from start to finish. There is no limit of the amount of cards on the board.
  • Descriptions allow to add details to the card, such as specific information, or links.
  • Comments improve communication and collaboration between team members.
  • Labels allow to group cards by categories and tags.
  • Due Date specifies deadline for task on the card.
  • Attachments store files from both user’s computer and many cloud storage services.

For more information about Trello, see official Trello documentation.

Linking to boards


To find a link to Trello board:

  1. Go to selected Trello board.
  2. Open the board’s menu.
  3. Click More.
  4. Link to this board is located at the bottom of the list.