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Last updated Nov 1, 2023

Workflow actions

Learn how to enable editing of requests on workflow transitions

The Workflow actions feature enables you to increase user interactions on the Customer Portal and simultaneously adjust the flow of editing by providing customers with the possibility to update their requests on the relevant workflow transitions.

By setting the configuration of Workflow actions, you can customize the process of requests’ editing and include it in a desired workflow. Add a custom workflow action by configuring selected transitions, editable fields or edit permissions, and allow users of your Customer Portal to easily update their requests with most recent information at the right moment.


The Workflow actions feature is available only in the company-managed projects while the team-managed projects aren’t supported.


Before you start, log in as a user with Jira Administrators global permissions. For more information, see Atlassian documentation.

Creating and configuring


  1. Go to the Workflow actions section.
  2. Click Add Workflow action.
Add Workflow Actions for Jira Service Management
Add Workflow Actions for Jira Service Management
  1. You are redirected to the Workflow actions configuration view where you can determine:
  1. To store your configuration of the Workflow action form, click Save.
Save Workflow Actions for Jira Service Management
Save Workflow Actions for Jira Service Management

Add Workflow action

This section enables you to determine the configuration details of your Workflow action. Select a Workflow for your action and choose a particular Transition on which you want the action to be available.


You can check the selected workflow by using the preview option.

Introduce a custom transition name to be visible on the Customer Portal as Displayed title. What’s more, you can insert an additional Description clarifying your Workflow action.

Add Workflow Action - Actions for Jira Service Management
Add Workflow Action - Actions for Jira Service Management


Define the fields which should be available for editing to users. Select the fields to be visible on the Workflow action form or start typing in the field name and the hints appear as you type.

In order to make sure that your configuration allows users to perform the selected transition, by choosing editable fields you should inspect the related settings concerning screens, determined fields, conditions and validators. You may need to adjust your configuration accordingly e.g. by selecting the fields which have been determined as required by the project settings.

Add Fields - Actions for Jira Service Management
Add Fields - Actions for Jira Service Management

By selecting more than one field, you can use drag and drop to modify the order of the fields which will be presented on the Customer Portal.


You can restrict editing by determining users who can update requests. Grant edit permissions to relevant users by clicking the arrow below the Who can edit requests field and selecting user(s) for whom editing of requests should be enabled. There are three user groups to be selected:

  • Reporters
  • Request Participants (Users)
  • Request Participants (Organizations)

By granting edit permissions, you can select more than one user group.

To revoke edit permissions from a particular user group, click the cross icon next to the unwanted user group.

Determine when requests can be edited

To decide when user(s) can edit requests, use JQL to write queries.


Your JQL queries are automatically verified. An incorrect JQL query is marked in red.


If you want to learn more about JQL, take a look here.

Control editing with comments


The option to enable internal comments after editing of requests is by default switched off. To control editing with comments, use the toggle.

Turn on the toggle to enable the Add internal comment after editing requests option. You will be able to track all updates of requests, as every request’s editing will be followed by an internal comment. The comment will be visible to Jira Agents only.

You can use the default comment message or edit its content by accessing General settings.

To create a personalized comment message, introduce the content of your message. You can include the following variables:

  • Fields
  • Editor
  • Date

You can always check the introduced values and see a preview of the internal comment message which will be displayed on an issue in Jira.

Permissions - Actions for Jira Service Management
Permissions - Actions for Jira Service Management

Next up

After creating and configuring your Workflow action, you can manage it so it can be used to provide customers with the request editing options at the right moment of the service desk agents’ work.

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