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Last updated Sep 20, 2021

Issue Checklist for Jira. Free and Issue Checklist for Jira. Pro

Custom field integration in Issue Checklist for Jira supports only company-managed projects.

The Issue Templates for Jira app supports Issue Checklist for Jira Free and Issue Checklist for Jira Pro. However, there are some actions you need to take before you start using apps together.

  1. Enable issue custom fields integration as described in Issue Checklist documentation.

This action will synchronize Checklist content with Checklist Content YAML and Checklist Text custom fields in both directions. To copy the checklist from a template to a new issue, simply copy the content of those fields (step 2, below).

  1. Add Checklist Content YAML or Checklist Text fields to Template fields (scope).
If you are using the Create from template and want a checklist to be autocompleted on the Create issue screen, make sure to add one of these technical fields to the Create issue screen.
Currently, our app does not copy fields that are not shown on the primary template Create Screen when using Create from template feature, nevertheless, we already have added a proper task to amend this behavior to our backlog.

Issue Checklist for Jira can’t properly parse checked items on the Create Issue dialog. Therefore, the whole list will be copied properly, but with all items unchecked.