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Last updated Jun 6, 2023

Copy Epic

This page provides information on how to create templates for epics.

With Issue Templates for Jira you can recreate and link stories to an epic without any additional configuration. The app rewrites links automatically, so that they are pointing to newly created issues instead of templates. It also creates new issues if they are children of an epic from a template.


  1. Create an epic in the template repository project.

    Jira Epic template
    Creating epic template

  2. Add issues as children of this epic or link issues that you want recreated.

    Jira Epic template
    Adding child issues


    To add child issues press . on your keyboard and select the option.

    Jira Epic template
    Linking child issues
  3. Click Apps>Create from Template to create an epic in the target project and use the previously created template.

    Jira Epic template
    Creating an epic from a template

    In the Create dialog, you can select a different issue type than the one set in the template. However, for epic templates you should always select an epic issue type so the primary template and its stories are linked properly.


The epic and linked issues have been recreated.

Jira Epic template
Recreated template
Jira Epic template
Recreated template

Epic link connects parent ↔︎ child relations and it’s set by Issue Templates when child issues of the epic template are created. It’s always rewritten to point to a new parent and match new hierarchy.

When you apply a template to a story, and your template points to an epic that is not a template, then if the Epic Link is in the scope it’ll be copied exactly at it is. In this scenario, if the Epic Link points to a template, it won’t be copied.

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