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Last updated Jul 27, 2023

Understand Smart Defaults

Issue Templates for Jira provides an additional Smart defaults tab available in templates (on the right side of the Issue View). The Smart defaults tab provides a select, where you can find all fields supported in your project.

From now on, you can edit template fields and fill them with the smart expressions. Thanks to that, you are able to easily access data within Jira.

You can use smart issues, users, dates or project, for example:

  • issue.reporter.displayName - returns the name and surname of the reporter of the current issue
  • [user].accountId - returns user’s account ID
  • now + 5d or now.plusBusinessDays(5) - adds a given number of days omitting weekends. Math operations are calculated in UTC

For details, see Smart defaults.

Use Smart Defaults in template

With smart defaults you can calculate the field’s value at the time when an issue is created from the template.

You can, for instance, configure a template that would automate the process of:

  • filling the starting date
  • setting a deadline
  • setting a reporter and assigning an issue to a specific role or person
  • creating a label
  • setting a version

You can also prepare a timeline for complex tasks with multiple steps or link an epic with smart defaults.


To configure it simply click Smart Defaults in the template’s issue details view and an issue field you want to add smart defaults for.

Try the live demo below