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Last updated Sep 20, 2021

Legacy automation action

This chapter provides information about Apply template feature in legacy automation.

Legacy automation is being superseded by Automation in Jira Service Management. For further information, click here.

The Apply Template action is available in legacy automation in Jira Service Management projects.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide an action for new automation, because of API limitations.

Automation has many interesting triggers you can use to apply templates, for example: when issue is created, the status has changed or issue has been approved.
To prevent loops in issue created event, delay for newly created issues from template has been implemented and it’s equal 60s. It means that Apply Template action cannot be executed for issues that were created from or updated by template less than 60s before the action execution. Unfortunately, legacy automation API has no information about the trigger itself. As a result, we can’t distinguish which trigger is responsible for current execution of the action. Without the delay, applying a template with subtasks would create infinite loop.

For that reason we don’t recommend using issue created trigger from legacy automation. The same result can be accomplished by using the recommended Apply Template post function.