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Issue Sync Pro
Issue Sync Pro
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Last updated Apr 22, 2023
Issue Sync Pro
Issue Sync Pro


Issue Sync Pro allows you to synchronize your data between multiple Jira Cloud instances in a point-to-point (Jira instances are communicating directly, without having to use external platform), one-directional or bidirectional integration. Forget about manual creation of issues, or copying data to other tickets, and reduce your work time with the automated synchronization.


  • Synchronization between multiple Jira instances
  • Local synchronization within single Jira instance
  • Copying system and custom fields
  • Comments and attachments synchronization
  • Trackable sync history in dedicated Synchronization History tab
  • Workflows sync

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If you are interested in getting our app, find Issue Sync Pro on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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