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My Requests Extension for Jira Service Management
My Requests Extension for Jira Service Management
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Last updated Mar 9, 2022

Customer’s view

Learn how to use the Requests page

Customer’s view section contains all the main information needed to fully utilize the app’s features:

  • Columns - for adjusting the type and number of columns visible on the page
  • Criteria - for specifying fields that are able to filter with
  • Filters - instructions for saving and sharing default and user-created filters
  • Search - instructions for different searching methods including Jira syntax
  • Export - instructions for exporting requests to a CSV file

In order to access the features above, go to the app’s Requests page first.


  1. Go to your Customer Portal.
  2. Expand the Requests drop-down list in the top right corner.
  3. Select Requests or any custom link created by your Jira administrator.
    Configure my request view Jira Service Management
    Customer Portal main panel

If your Jira administrator enabled redirecting settings, then the default links will also redirect you to the apps’s Requests page.

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