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Last updated Feb 5, 2020

Display Additional Details

Instructions to customize Request Details View with fields with additional details

With Extension for Jira Service Management you can display fields with request information in Customer Portal, tailored to request types.

You can display the following fields:

  • Assignee
  • Checkboxes
  • Components
  • Date (Created, Resolved, Updated)
  • Date Picker
  • Date Time Picker
  • Environment
  • Labels
  • Multi User Picker
  • Number Field
  • Priority
  • Radio Buttons
  • Resolution
  • Select List (multiple choices)
  • Select List (single choice)
  • Text Area
  • Text Field
  • Time Tracking
  • User Picker
  • Version Picker
  • Watchers


To configure display of additional request details:

  1. Go to Project settings.

  2. On the left sidebar, click Request details extension.

  3. In the Show fields section, select fields with details that you want to display under Field.

  4. Select request types for which you want to display the selected fields under Request types.

    If you want to show a field in every Request Type, select Apply to all.

  5. Click Add.


Selected fields are visible in Request Details View for the selected request types.


Fields with additional details displayed in Request Details View.

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