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Active Directory Attributes Sync
Active Directory Attributes Sync
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Last updated Sep 24, 2020

Presenting synchronized data on user’s profile page

On user’s profile page are displayed basic information about user. Active Directory Attributes Sync app allows to show more details, such as job title, department, or phone number.


To present synchronized data on user’s profile page:

  1. Add user to Active Directory server.
  2. Add user to Jira users (Jira Administration > User Management > Users > Create User).

    Remember to use in Jira the same username as in Active Directory.


    For more information on managing users in Jira, see official Atlassian documentation.

  3. Go to Jira Administration > Add-ons.
  4. Select Connections from the menu in the app section.
  5. Set fields in the connection which should be synchronized.


    For more information on setting fields in the connection, see Fields.


    Remember to select User profile in the visibility.

  6. Click Synchronize.


Selected fields with synchronized data from Active Directory are presented on user’s profile page.


Here is what user AD data looks like when displayed in Jira.

Figure: User’s profile page with basic information

Figure: User’s profile page with information from Active Directory


Some fields, like the “Manager” field, should always display a certain AD user. If for some reason the system can’t find any reference to that user, the DN string will be displayed in that field.

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