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Last updated Oct 26, 2018


This section provides information about availability feature.

In this tab, you can specify template’s availability, by using context values. Availability also allows to enable template for all users or disable to save template for later (it will not be visible for users). Switch the toggle to on, to enable using template.

Name Description Example
Project Limit the usage of template to a concrete project. Human Resources
Projects Categories Choose project group, which will use template. HR
Issue Type Set the issue type, where your template will be available. HR Request
Screens Choose a screen, where your template is visible. Create Issue Screen
Groups Specify, which group can use a template. jira-servicedesk-users
Users Specify, who can use a template. Sara Evans
Languages Limit visibility of your template to a particular language-speaking group of users. English

Default availability

Default availability option allows to choose the context in which templates will be available.


  1. Open templates repository project settings.
  2. Click on Default availability on the left sidebar.
  3. Switch Enable Templates toggle to on to make templates active and available to everyone by default.
  4. Choose a context for each field.


Templates are available by the default for specific context values.

Availability use case

Imagine you are working in few projects, where two teams are located in different countries. You’d like to create a template available only for german and polish speaking groups.


  1. Create a template or use existing one.
  2. Open your template.
  3. Go to Issue Template’s Details > Availability.
  4. Switch on Enable template toggle.
  5. Fill in fields with context values.
  6. Select English and German in Languages tab.
  7. Publish template.

    If you want your template to be available on the Customer Portal, remember to switch on the toggle in Jira Service Desk tab.


Template’s availability is limited to specified language groups.

You can check template’s status in Issue Templates section. Read more here.