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Issue Templates for Jira

Jira Server
Last updated Oct 26, 2018

First steps

This section provides basic information about Issue Templates.

To explore options available in Issue Templates app, you can use existing templates prepared by us.


  1. From the top navigation bar, choose Jira Administration > Add-ons.
  2. Select Get Started from the menu in the Issue Templates for Jira section.
  3. Choose one of options visible on the screen.

a. As a member of Human Resources department, your actions may be repetitive. Especially, when you hire a new employee. To meet your needs, we prepared prepared several sample templates. By clicking on Create Sample, at the bottom of Human Resources icon, new templates appear in your templates repository.

Here is the list of Human Resources example templates:

  • New Employee Onboarding - [name].
  • Create a company email address.
  • Add electronic equipment (laptop, printer).
  • Create username and password for computer access.
  • Order keys and door codes.
  • New Employee Announcement Email.
  • Write a Reference Letter for [name].
  • Create a New Job Offer.

b. If you are responsible for running an agile project, you need to build a product backlog or plan a sprint review. After clicking on Create Sample, at the bottom of Agile icon, you will be able to use already prepared Agile templates.

Here is the list of Agile example templates:

  • Update product backlog and rank requirements.
  • Create meeting notes.
  • Sprint review.
  • Create requirements .
  • Create product backlog.

c. Third option helps to simplify Service Desk tasks. Click on Create Sample at the bottom of Service Desk icon and check what is now available in your templates repository.

Here is the list of Service Desk example templates:

  • New hardware for [name].
  • Reset password.
  • Grant permission to [application|database|VPN|remote host].
  • Application [application|Website|CMS|Confluence] failure.
  • Guest access to Wi-Fi for $TODAY.

Service Desk sample templates are dedicated mostly to users with installed Jira Service Desk app.


Remember to add Template custom field to the screens from projects where you want to use templates.