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Last updated Nov 13, 2023

Data residency

Data residency gives you a choice of where to store your product data. It allows you to choose whether to distribute it globally or keep it in a specific geographic location, such as Europe or the United States. Data residency can be essential to meet a company’s data management requirements, especially if you work in a regulated industry such as finance or healthcare.


For more information on data residency, see official Atlassian documentation.

Supported regions

You can choose the following storage locations for your data:

Location AWS regions
Australia Asia Pacific (Sydney)
Canada Canada (Central)
Europe Frankfurt and Ireland
Germany Frankfurt
Singapore Asia Pacific (Singapore)
USA US East (N. Virginia), US West (N. California), and US West (Oregon)
Global All Atlassian cloud regions

Although Jira supports all of the above locations, only EU, Germany, USA and Global are available in the RTM. If we do not support the region you are interested in, please contact our support team.

Moving apps data to another location

Some Atlassian apps supports data migration. Thanks to that you can to pin and migrate app data between locations. RTM does not support data migration yet, but you can find it on our roadmap.


For more information on moving apps data to another location, see official Atlassian documentation.


If you uninstall the app, data residency information will be deleted. Re-installation may end up in a different realm. This may result in the loss of data connected with the application.


For more information on uninstallation, see official Atlassian documentation.

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