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Last updated Sep 3, 2020

Default template

Learn how to configure a default template for your issues

Default template feature allows you to select a template that will be automatically applied on the Create Issue screen. All predefined values from the chosen template can be visible on your project’s Create issue screen (or after selecting an issue type).

Before you start configuring Default template remember to add the Template field to the target screen. Keep in mind that while using a default template the Template field will be hidden.
You can configure Default template in many projects at once using REST API. Learn more.


To configure a default template:

  1. Go to the project where you want use templates.
  2. Select Project settings > Default Templates from the left hand side menu.
  3. Select the template from the drop down list.
  4. Choose the Issue Type.

You can Select all issue types to use one default template. After clicking on Select all, available issue types will be displayed in the tab.

  • It is possible to apply a default template to all issue types (click on Apply to all).
  • Click on the bin icon to delete the default template configuration.

If you make a template unselectable in the Availability tab, a warning icon will appear next to the template name.


Selected templates are set as defaults for the defined issue types.


You can configure default templates on the Customer Portal, too. Read more in the Jira Service Management chapter.