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Last updated Oct 26, 2018


How can I add Template field to the screen?

To make Template custom field visible on screen (for example Create Issue Screen):

  1. Open your project settings.
  2. Click Screens on the left sidebar.
  3. Click on target screen.

  4. Type field’s name in tab or select from drop down list.
  5. Click Add.


Template field is added to the screen.

How can I add a screen to the workflow?

To add screen to the workflow:

  1. Go to Jira Administration > Issues.
  2. Open Workflow on the left sidebar.
  3. Choose workflow and click Edit.
  4. Choose a transition.
  5. Click Edit.

  6. Select a screen from the drop down list and click save.

  7. Publish workflow.


Screen is added to the workflow.


Read more about workflow in Atlassian documentation.

Where can I find post functions?

To find post functions and add it to workflow:

  1. Open your project settings.
  2. Click on Workflow on the left sidebar.
  3. Click on pencil icon below Actions.
  4. Choose a transition, where you want to add post function.
  5. Select post functions.
  6. If you’d like to add one, click on add post function.
  7. Choose post function from the list and click add.
Name Description
Deviniti [Issue Templates] Copy Subtasks Create subtasks from Template Issue
Deviniti [Issue Templates] Copy from Epic Copy issues from template Epic
Deviniti [Issue Templates] Create issues Create new issue from Template
Deviniti [Issue Templates] Disable Template Use this function to disable or enable Template Issue

Some post functions require additional actions after step 7 (for example Create Issues).

How to transfer Templates project to another Jira instance?

To transfer the Template project to the target instance along with the configuration, use the following database tables:

Table Description
AO_33A75D_FAST_ISSUE [Issue Templates] - Most Popular gadget configuration
AO_33A75D_ISSUETEMPLATES_C General configuration (agile, use as a template, apply template, custom link, variables, colors)
AO_33A75D_IT_CFFIELD Set of fields configuration
AO_33A75D_IT_CONTEXT Availability configuration:
AO_33A75D_IT_CREATED List of issues created from template
AO_33A75D_IT_DEFAULT Default templates configuration
AO_33A75D_IT_DETAIL Configuration of particular templates (template name, category, description, enabled/disabled, issue key, customer portal (enabled/disabled; request types), set of fields (autocomplete, copy), template ID, comment)
AO_33A75D_IT_EVENTS List of events (issues created from template, Events Log)
AO_33A75D_IT_PROFILE Set of fields configuration (last update date/name, username of person who created/updated set of fields, set of fields name)
AO_33A75D_IT_SUBTASK Sub-tasks configuration (Create conditions)
AO_33A75D_OWN_VARIABLES Custom static variables
AO_33A75D_TEMPL_COMMENT List of comments generated for templates

Why can’t I see Apply template option in More drop down list?

Apply template might be hidden. Make sure you have Hide Apply Template option unchecked.


  1. Head over to Jira Administration > Add-ons site.
  2. Open Configuration in Issue Templates.
  3. Click on Apply Template.
  4. Unmark Hide Apply Template.

Read more about Global configuration for apply template here.

Why can’t I see templates in the templates custom field?

This might be caused by contexts values used in Availability tab.


  1. Open target template.
  2. Go to Issue Templates Details > Availability.
  3. Check context values.

Where can I find Template ID?


To find Template ID:

  1. Open target template.
  2. Open Issue Templates section on the right sidebar.


Template’s ID is visible on the list.

Why can’t I see attachments in issue created from template?

Attachments can be copied only by Copy Values post function.

Make sure you have Attachments in Set of fields for Copy (not for Autocomplete).


Read more about Copy Values here.

Why issues under epic in Template Repository are invisible for some users?

To make epic and issues under epic visible you need to grant BROWSE_PROJECT permission in Template Repository.

As a result concrete user/users will be able to see them.

I have linked two templates and want to create an issue from one of them. Will the newly created issue include an extra linking with Template Repository?

Newly created issue won’t be linked to a template from the Template Repository. Issues created from template can only link with other issues.

Read more about Template’s linking here.

I have used a template with sub-tasks to create an issue. I have noticed that sub-tasks were not created.

The reason that sub-tasks were not created simultaneously with the issue (using template) might be a missing record in your database.

It happens when you create Template’s sub-tasks without opening them. In this case a proper record is not saved in database.


  • Open your sub-tasks right after creating it in target Template or
  • Add Template field to the Create Issue screen in Template Repository.


Record is saved in database. Template with it’s sub-tasks can be used to create issues.

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