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Dynamic Forms for Jira
Dynamic Forms for Jira
Version 6.x
Version 5.x and older
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Last updated Nov 15, 2021

Data Sources

Discover ways to use external data in your Jira issues


You need the Jira Administrators global permission to configure Data Sources.


Data Sources is an extension of the Bundled Fields feature. It allows you to import data from external sources (such as JSON files) to Jira and display it in issues as Bundled Fields subfields.

Dynamic Forms for Jira - Bundled Fields Data Sources: Overview
Dynamic Forms for Jira - Bundled Fields Data Sources: Overview

You can use Data Sources in two ways: as Autofill and for Synchronizing options.


With Autofill you can display external data in two kinds of subfields:

  • Text Field (single line)
  • Text Field (multi-line)

Fields configured this way are always in sync with the data source, so any changes made to your external file will be reflected in issues.


An example of this kind of configuration is shown in chapters Adding Data Sources and Connecting Data Sources.

Synchronize options

The Synchronize options feature allows for using objects from JSON collections as options in Jira select lists. Supported subfield type:

  • Select list (single choice)

With this option you have more control over the synchronization that can be automatic, initited manually, or disabled entirely.


Exemplary configuration is shown in the Synchronizing options chapter.

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