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Last updated Oct 5, 2023


Learn about Dynamic Forms and their capabilities.

By using the Dynamic Forms feature you can turn Jira Service Management request forms into dynamic request forms. A request form which is dynamic contains fields that are dynamically displayed in response to user input. You can create Dynamic Forms specific to request types.

In order to create a dynamic request form, add Dynamic Fields. You can add Field help and Translations to make the fields clear to all users.

You can configure Conditions to display Dynamic Fields in a request form based on user input in a previous field. This way, your Dynamic Form becomes tailored both to its request type and the individual user request. As a result, raising requests turns into a faster and more intuitive process.

By configuring Validators, you can specify which fields are mandatory and what information the user needs to provide in a field to be able to submit the request form. This option lets you assure that the service desk agents get all the necessary details to swiftly resolve requests.

To find out about Dynamic Fields configured in a request form, Request Details View and Issue View, see Display Dynamic Fields.


Do not delete the atlassian-addons-project-access technical user either from project, or global permissions. The technical user is necessary to ensure that Extension for Jira Service Management runs smoothly.

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