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Release notes
Last updated Nov 6, 2019


This section provides information about autocomplete feature.

Autocomplete allows filling in issue fields with pre-defined template values. Type and amount of fields are predicted by the Set of fields. Field’s values are set in a concrete template.

  • Autocomplete supports regular Jira fields, as well as custom fields. Read more here.
  • Autocomplete is a different feature than Copy. Autocomplete is supported only by Template custom field (which must be added to Create Issue screen). This option automatically completes fields right after clicking on concrete template.
  • Remember to add fields defined in the Set of fields to the target screen.

Let’s have a look, in which cases autofill option helps us:

  1. Create a template.
    While creating a template, autocomplete allows to add customised set of fields. Choose set of fields from the drop down list or create your own.
    As a result, after selecting a template in create issue window, fields from Set of fields will autofill with Template’s values. Autocompleted fields are highlighted in dark blue.

  2. Transitions in Workflow.

Autocompleted template fields can appear in other transitions in Workflow. Open target Screen and add Template field to the list.

Now, template field will be visible in close transition. Choose the target template and check whether your fields are automatically completed. Click Close, in order to close issue.

Use autocomplete on close transition to set a canned response. Read more here.

3. Apply template.

Autocomplete feature allows to fill in issue fields, by using apply template. We explained how apply template option works here. Click on More and select Apply Template from the list.

In pop-up window select template and click Apply, as in example below:
Find more information about Apply template here.


All changes from template are imported to existing issue.