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Dynamic Forms for Jira
Dynamic Forms for Jira
Version 7.x
Version 5.x and older
Release notes
Last updated Mar 27, 2023
Dynamic Forms for Jira - extended Jira custom field management for Jira Data Center
Dynamic Forms for Jira - extended Jira custom field management for Jira Data Center


Dynamic Forms for Jira helps you organize and extend custom fields management possibilities to be more user-friendly and practical. It allows you to build a winning user interface that asks users only the relevant questions and provides them with clearer and easier navigation through the Create, Edit and View issue screens.

Key features

With Dynamic Forms for Jira you’ll be able to:

  • display fields and/or tabs based on previous selections
  • merge custom fields into bundles
  • map one custom field options to values of another custom field (like users, groups, projects, or texts)
  • import and export the configuration as a JSON file
  • set user or group permissions for the Secured Select custom fields
  • visualize relations between fields in Dynamic Forms
  • translate the options in the app’s custom fields

Get the app

If you are interested in purchasing our app, find Dynamic Forms for Jira on the Atlassian Marketplace or contact our Sales Department at

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To suit your needs, we need to understand where in Dynamic Forms we should focus our development efforts. By default, we collect numerical, anonymized data explaining how your users interact with Dynamic Forms, so we can let them enjoy their work even more by improving the product’s features and your users’ productivity.

You can disable Anonymized usage statistics at any time in the Global configuration tab.