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Issue Templates for Jira


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Last updated Aug 27, 2020
Issue Templates for Jira
Issue Templates for Jira


Leading a project can be really time-consuming, especially when you need to create and execute a lot of repetitive tasks.

Respecting your time, we’ve created Issue Templates for Jira. Our purpose is to improve the quality of your daily work, by introducing issue fields automatically populated with predefined values on selected screens and workflows.

With Issue Templates you’ll be able to:

  • use ready-made templates for repetitive tasks,
  • create and edit your own templates with complex hierarchy (epic, stories, tasks, sub-tasks),
  • set a default template for particular issues,
  • configure all template fields with conditions adjusted to your project (set of fields, stage),
  • decide which templates are available for particular projects, categories, screens, groups, users, request types or languages,
  • use JQL to find templates or issues created by them,
  • use variables with values defined by system or user.

This guide will help you understand all features available in the application.

If you’re interested in Issue Templates for Jira Cloud, click here.

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