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Release notes
Last updated Oct 26, 2018

Global configuration

This chapter provides information about Issue Template’s configuration.


To start configuring your template:

  1. Open Jira Administration list.
  2. Select Add-ons.
  3. Click Configuration.


Every template issue has to be created within a selected project. Choose the Template Repository from the list of available projects.


It’s not recommended to change Template Repository. As soon as you change the project from default TEMP, every issue in target project will become a template.

Set the assignee on subtasks to on, if you’d like to apply an assignee from parent issue on edit screen.


This option allows to set up an issue link type in Epic template.

Choose Agile configuration from the list, to set a relation between Epic and issues created from Epic.

Default templates

Allow the change of applied template option allows to make changes in issue, that uses default template.

Use as a template

Issue Templates offers Template, as a separate issue type. Chosen Issue Type will be displayed after selecting a Template Repository on Create Issue screen.

If you’d like to hide use as template option, mark it as checked.

Apply template

You can hide an apply template option anytime, by marking it as checked. This section also allows you to copy sub-task to the new issue while applying template.

You can customise a question under the Template field, by filling in Label for Templates Summary field. Type your own URL and text to change source in link.

Customise Replace Button Label

While using dynamic variables, you often click on Replace All button. Change the text according to your preferences, by typing it in tab. It’s also possible to switch off Replace All and automatically replace all fields with values typed into tabs (Read more about Variables).


You can customise colors in Issue Template’s app. Choose a color, that highlights Template custom field in a created issue. Select a color for autocompleted fields in created issue. You can also make errors visible in Create issue screen. If you’d like to change the color of font, use the last option on screen.


You can manage variables by changing their patterns or adding additional static placeholders. All instructions can be found here.


In Issue Templates for Jira app you are able to set security level via template. The access levels of Issue Security are mapped by name and it is possible to use a separate scheme for templates project.

You can also integrate custom field with Issue-level Security. Select a custom field, template’s Group Context will be copied into.