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Let us guide you on the journey through the galaxy of DevOps tools. We’ve used DevOps tools for over 15 years and completed over 200 projects. Thanks to years of experience in the area of DevOps tools, services, and practices, we provide your business with complex support. Our experts will help you in choosing, implementing, and managing the tool that perfectly fits the specific needs of your project.

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Our DevOps Partners

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What you can gain
by implementing DevOps platforms?

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Cost savings

Accelerating the production process by setting a highly automated process flow allows you to reduce manual work and eliminate errors at the stage before implementation. You can save your employees’ capacity for other tasks.

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Process acceleration

The software development optimization process allows you to drastically but safely shorten the time of implementing changes in IT systems. The time of the change process, which previously took several days, can be shortened to a few hours and sometimes even to several dozen minutes in the case of critical changes. Tests go faster, the acceptance process is faster, and the production environment is delivered quicker and safer.

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Increased efficiency

A properly configured process and automation of many of its areas allows for a significant improvement in its resource productivity, and better monitoring of the load facilitates the estimation of the implementation of versatile changes interfering in different environments during that time.

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Quality & Security

Activities automation implementation in the process and the inclusion of tools that automatically check the quality of the software code can improve the security of the created applications, which is particularly important to the speed of the process and allows for standardization. Standardizing the management of documentation of changes in systems allows for better monitoring of the impact of each modification on security and their compliance with standards and legal requirements.

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One tool, many possibilities

GitLab supports developers throughout the entire software development process: from coding, creating pipelines, and testing, to deploying the final product. Whether you’re looking for Git repository management, code review, issue tracking, activity streams, or wikis – GitLab has it all.

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top 3 superpowers

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Complex solution

One tool that provides you with everything you need: Git repository management, code review, issue tracking, activity streams, wikis, continuous integration, and delivery. By choosing GitLab, you get a tool that allows you to manage DevOps processes at all stages of software development.
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Highly customizable

Thanks to the wide possibility of adaptation, GitLab perfectly fits the individual needs of any project, regardless of the size. If the team works on a huge project, the on-premise enterprise version provides them with a complex, scalable environment. The free cloud version fits best with smaller projects.
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Quality assurance

Deviniti is a long-term partner of GitLab in the field of sales and comprehensive implementations, and our competence is confirmed by our technical certificates. As a team of professionals with practical expertise at the expert level, we provide support in the construction of an optimal environment for individual needs, its optimization, audits of existing instances, and training of technical teams.

Deviniti is a Sonatype partner in Poland

Sonatype has tools that create the so-called Nexus platform. It includes a vast amount of products enhancing the security of software during the whole lifecycle.
The Nexus products are:
Nexus Lifecycle – monitors and secures the software supply chain
Nexus Auditor – identifies newly disclosed vulnerabilities in applications
Nexus Firewall – prevents sensitive open source components from entering the system lifecycle
Nexus Repository Pro – manages binaries and creates artifacts

top 3 superpowers

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Smart Development

Do you want to save weeks of rework? Nexus will improve the time it takes to release secure apps to market.
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Minimalize legal risk

With the Sonatype licenses of copyright rules and obligations, you will ensure legal & compliance, and protect intellectual property.
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Say NO to technical dept

Nexus helps to drive down a technical debt due to components with known issues.

Make it all secure with SonarSource!

SonarSource offers three products:
● SonarLint
● SonarCloud
● SonarQube
All of the above products catch tricky bugs, prevent codes from issues, and speak in more than 20 languages. The most popular of the three, SonarQube is the most popular tool designed for continuous static code analysis in terms of quality. It allows you to check the code for errors, coding conventions, and security holes.

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With this platform, you can easily measure the security, reliability, and maintainability of all languages and all projects in your sphere. It can examine code in over 20 programming languages, including Java, C#, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, and C/C ++.
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Did you know that some estimates show that 90% of a project’s cost is maintenance? Give yourself a guarantee of code purity. Save time on rewriting existing code and spend it on writing a new one.
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SonarQube has the flexibility to connect to self- managed or cloud-based platforms. It ensures application security by handling many known APIs that can be both a source and a target of an attack. Protects against attacks such as SQL Injection, Code Injection, or Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF). It allows you to configure the scan for GitLab CI / CD tasks thanks to the automatic detection of branches and merge requests.

Accomplish your security analysis with the Snyk tool

There is where you can easily find and automatically fix code vulnerabilities, open source dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code.
Snyk Products:

Snyk Code (SAST) – You can secure the code as it was written

Snyk Open Source (SCA) – Make weak dependencies doesn’t exist

Snyk Container – Secure your base images

Snyk Infrastructure as Code – Set secure cloud infrastructure

Snyk Cloud – Secure your cloud environment

top 3 superpowers

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Find and fix vulnerabilities

Thread security expertise into your existing IDEs, reports, and workflows.
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Programming languages support with Snyk Code AI Engine

Snyk Code uses AI to learn from billions of lines of code. Also, it fixes millions of them in the global development community. It works on a deep-code, semantic-code Analysis Engine. Programming languages support: C#, C/C++ (Beta), Go, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, TypeScript, Apex.
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Scan continuously & Fix with a click

Snyk uses industry-leading security intelligence to monitor for vulns while you develop. It provides actionable fix advice in your tools.

Security goes first is a platform for managing the compatibility and security of open-source licenses. It eliminates the most significant threats in the software development process that result from the use of outdated or dangerous open-source libraries. It’s the perfect solution for monitoring the versions of the source code components.

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Using a number of libraries to create software, automatically generates a report containing information about all of them. The final report consists of transparent tables and charts that allow for analyzing the components used in the project efficiently.
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Scanning the repository

Just indicate the place in the code repository, and the WhiteSource software scans the repository for component updates and compliance with the license terms. Scanning the repository has never been easier.
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File System Agent (FSA)

WhiteSource provides you with innovative features to make sure that your software is safe. The WhiteSource Boot scans the repository locally and checks which libraries were used in the software development process.

Universal Artifact Management

JFrog Artifactory is a universal DevOps tool that provides comprehensive automation and management of binary files and artifacts. It supports over 25 software packages, all major CI/CD platforms, and DevOps tools.

top 3 superpowers

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Scales to the limit

Extremely high scalability allowing you to increase the capacity to any degree.
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Hybrid Solution, Cloud or On-Prem

Deploy Artifactory as your repository manager on-prem, in the Cloud, or as a hybrid model. Also, it can deploy containerized microservices in a Kubernetes cluster.
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Integrations that cannot fail

JFrog integrates with your environment giving you the freedom to choose your tool stack. It supports all major package formats including Alpine, Maven, Docker, Conda, Debian, Helm, Git LFS, and more.

DevOps for the Database

Safe implementation of CI/CD for the database? With DBmaestro, it’s possible to create full database release automation and governance. DBmaestro platform has got automatic drift prevention mechanisms as well as complete audit trials or role management that can be customizable. The platform provides with visual database pipeline builder, as well as business monitoring.

top 3 superpowers

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DBmaestro is a service that will grow with you. Regardless of the number of release pipelines or database environments – you can develop them or jump in with your complete release pipelines.
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DBmaestro DevOps has taken a step further, by providing a Platform as a cloud service. Now costs are even smaller which makes this platform a must-have for each company. Don’t worry about support, maintenance, and upgrades for your DBmaestro cloud. You will always be provided with the latest releases.
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Speed & Simplicity

Have you thought about a platform that could bring your databases into your release pipelines very easily and on your terms? Now, you can do provisioning in minutes! Also, you can choose a service plan to match your needs. It doesn’t matter if you have a mix of different databases, pipelines, environments, or integrated CI/CD tools.

A new level of containerization 

Docker is a tool for developers and administrators who want to create and run applications in a virtual container environment. It enables users to start application processes without emulating the entire hardware layer and operating system. Docker is best suited for fast virtualizations and creating more complex deployment environments.

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Modern virtualization

Bring virtualization in your project to a higher level. Docker is a modern replacement for classic virtualization such as Hyper-V or VMware. Docker’s creators used the so-called containers to enable users to start application processes without emulating the entire hardware layer and operating system.
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Optimization of processes

Thanks to Docker, your company can use equipment resources more efficiently, save time, and boost efficiency in creating a development environment for every project. Containers work independently in an isolated environment, which increases security. The number of containers running on a single system is unlimited.
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Service and Support

We provide your company with support on each stage of applying Docker, including implementation and training to increase the efficiency of your resources. We are happy to share our knowledge and help you in migrating data and customize Docker software to meet the individual needs of your company. You can rely on us when it comes to configuration and maintaining implemented software.

Infrastructure enables innovation

Deviniti is HashiCorp’s Polish partner. HashiCorp enables collaboration and automation in IT. This tool changes hand-operated processes into self-service automation.
HashiCorp provides automation such as:

  • Infrastructure
  • Security
  • Networking
  • Application 

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It is a cloud Infrastructure Automation with three edits: – OpenSource – infrastructure automation, an OSS operation performed locally – Cloud – infrastructure automation service for practitioners, companies, and teams – Self-Hosted – self-hosted infrastructure automation
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With Vault, you can protect and manage sensitive data such as passwords, tokens, certificates, or encryption cases. It has got simple APIs for data protection.
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Nomad helps to easily deploy Modern and Legacy Applications. It reduces downtime across multi-cloud environments to zero and brings orchestration benefits to existing applications.

Our projects

Astronauts working with tools around the spaceship

European Space Agency

Since July 2020 we have been working with the European Space Agency. Services we provide:
● Gitlab Cloud Hosting
● Migration
● Recovery strategy
● Login
● Security

Take advantage of digital transformation solutions to successfully manage your car fleet. Our special fleet management solutions will allow you to monitor your car fleet distribution, availability, and status. 

The largest fuel company in Poland

Since 2019 we have been cooperating with the biggest Polish fuel and energy company. We are covering a large number of IT services, including the GitLab area, we were responsible for:
● Installation and configuration: of Gitlab
● Implementation of the CI / CD process for mobile application
● Design and implement change management in Gitlab
● Hardware recommendation
● SonarQube integration

Hiperautomatyzacja - możliwości biznesowe

Financial institution in Europe

Since January 2020 we have been cooperating with the Biggest Financial institution in Europe. We were challenged to take care of the whole GitLab implementation process.
● Complete CI / CD technology stack
● Gitlab
● SonarQube
● Artifactory with Xray
● Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker
● Hybrid Architecture (AWS + local DC)

Hiperautomatyzacja i Ty

Financial institution in Poland

From 2016 to 2019 we cooperated with one of the biggest Polish Financial institutions. We covered a large number of custom development services, including the GitLab area, including being responsible for:
● Infrastructure acquisition – maintenance and development
● Migration from on-premise to AWS infrastructure (over 25 micro-services)
● Hybrid architecture
● Implementation of the CI / CD process
● AWS, S3, Cloudfront
● Jira integration
● Gitlab + Jenkins
● Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, Docker

5 little tricks to enhance Jira workflow with LDAP data - cover image


Projects create up to 5 times faster! MGA is a company that has been present on the market for over 20 years. It offers the outsourcing of HR and payroll services, as well as, software development and maintenance. The team was looking for a solution that would allow for streamlining work and trouble-free CI/CD deployment. Specialists from the MGA also wanted to systematize the accumulated knowledge and facilitate access to it. GitLab came to the rescue. Thanks to specialists from Deviniti implementation was quickly and efficiently implemented without interfering with the company’s daily duties. With the platform support, development teams began to work more efficiently, software reached a new, better quality, and developers became experts in the field of CI/CD. In addition, all the materials have been gathered in one place – the knowledge base, which helps both in everyday work, and foremost during the onboarding process.
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What we offer

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We analyze specific problems and challenges in your software development processes. Then we recommend the best solutions to these issues, using our knowledge and experience. We usually don’t need access to your resources as we base our analysis on the data you provide us with.

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We start with the inventory of your current IT infrastructure and software development processes. Together with you, we set the audit’s goal. To perform the analysis, we need direct access to the infrastructure. In the end, we provide you with a document describing the audit’s goal, the current state of your infrastructure and processes, the risks and threats, and the changes we recommend.

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We can optimize your current IT infrastructure and software development processes. During on-site or online workshops, we work together with you on solutions to improve the specific matters of your infrastructure or process. We can speed up delivering changes on production from the moment of generating the source code to publishing changes on production. We can also standardize your software development process or improve the security of the developed software.  

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We can install GitLab on AWS, Azure, or on-premise together with a pipeline build configuration, and integration configuration, or add WhiteSource, SonarQube, Sonatype, Docker, DBmaestro, Snyk, HashiCorp, or JFrog. We can also implement toolchains in a distributed or high-availability hybrid environment. Before the implementation, we can find out what you need through our consulting and auditing services. But you can also come to us with information about the tech and tools stack of the solution you’d like us to implement. 

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We can move your current IT infrastructure and software development processes to different tools or technology stacks. We can also conduct the migration to the different infrastructure types, for example, from on-premise to cloud or from cloud to hybrid.

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As highly qualified experts, we conduct training from the chosen areas of DevOps or SysOps. We can share our deep knowledge of tools, and good practices, or improve the participants’ skills. We offer both on-site and remote training at various levels of advancement. We determine the training plan and goals individually to meet your specific needs.

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CI/CD Toolchain

● Building the whole toolchain for CI/CD
● CI/CD on-premise, in the cloud, or hybrid
● Partnerships with GitLab and Atlassian
● The complete software development process
● Maintenance and support

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Hosting & Cloud Infrastructure Maintenance

● On-premise hosting
● Cloud hosting in Amazon Web Services, Google
● Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and OVH
● Hybrid hosting
● Expertise in hosting Atlassian Jira and Confluence
● Putting up GitLab
● Regular monitoring of your infrastructure’s performance, health, and security

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Containerizing applications using Kubernetes and Docker


Our customer stories

MGA logo
GitLab completely changed the way we make our projects now. We discovered GitLab offers a lot more and we started to play with the things and we liked it. Working with Deviniti has been awesome and I would recommend working with them.
Jakub Tadeja
Senior IT Administrator
Volkswagen Financial Services logo
Deviniti Corp. delivered successfully, and the client now has more control of their processes. The project management was efficient, and the communicative team was open to using modern tools. The team’s professionalism was the centerpiece of their engagement.
Mirosław Radziszewski
BI Developer

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