Active Directory Attributes Sync

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Advanced user attributes management at your disposal

Display and manage user attributes from Active Directory LDAP all across your Jira.

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Benefits visible in a flash

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Get seamless communication

Streamline communication across teams and locations with a Jira-Active Directory sync. Your missing link between Jira Software and Microsoft Active Directory is finally here.

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Improve user-admin workflow

Conduct basic Jira user management and Jira-AD attributes management without the help of LDAP admins. Let them focus on other tasks and still get the job done.

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Quickly find necessary data

Display the synchronized data on Jira issues, the Customer Portal, and more. Get contact details to your workmates to reach them and complete tasks faster.

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Provide access with ease

Introduce ITIL access management into Jira for your users. Control the user accounts, users’ group affiliations, and types of group memberships without effort.

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Manage everything from one place

Update Active Directory data straight from Jira issues. Implement changes in your project in seconds. Copying, searching, and displaying AD data has never been easier.


Features that make your work faster than ever

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User attributes made visible immediately

Get user attributes from AD. Display them on profiles, hover dialogues, and Jira issues. Improve company communication.

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Update Data post function

Manage identity data within Jira, securely and independently. Create/delete users in AD, manage user accounts, and more.

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Copy Property post function

Copy Active Directory attributes to specific Jira custom fields and make adding more participants to issues easier.

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Only User From AD condition

Create an acceptance rule with the Only User From AD condition. Authorize only specific AD users to execute transitions.

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searchFromAD JQL function

Search for issues with distinct attributes synced with your AD server. Find users participating in specific issues.

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They value Active Directory Attributes Sync

Another impressive add-on from Deviniti. We use several of their add-ons for JSD, including this, Actions for JSD, and Extension for JSD. All provide extremely good value, work reliably and help make JSD a more functional environment. Their support is very good too. Only wish there were a working groovy interface, but the post function support does do what we need it to do without scripting.
Bruce Reed
Very useful addon. I should even say that it’s an essential addon when using Service Desk in scenarios with thousands of customers with valuous info of them stored in AD. This addon let our agents get customers info like telephone and extension number, job title, street address where to send technicians, …, and all this from inside JIRA, no more window changing to query into AD tools. We initally detected some bugs, but Intenso Support team was certainly very professional and provide us with workarounds where possible, quick new releases and even beta addon versions for us. For all of this I rate it five stars.
Leirbag Assuab
Well integrated with JIRA, provides nice JQL function searchfromAD to search issues for attributes. Working in a management team, I need these attributes every day so it’s really helpful. Earlier I had to ask database admins, now I can access it on my own. Great addon, thank you!
Keith Beyer
I’m really satisfied with this plugin, specifically that I can add new users to AD from JIRA while our admin is on holiday. Very labour-saving.
Tom Fanning

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You can synchronise internal Jira database with Active Directory and put the two powers together to have more actual information about the users at hand.
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Active Directory Attributes Sync allows Jira administrators to display and manage user AD attributes from an LDAP directory all across Jira.
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In this tutorial, we provide the setup guide to synchronise Jira Server with Active Directory and cover 10 use cases of Active Directory Attributes Sync app to make this integration useful for any kind of team.
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