Active Directory Attributes Sync

Synchronize user attributes from Active Directory to Jira. Maintain accurate and consistent user data across both platforms.

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Active Directory Attributes Sync

Active Directory Attributes Sync

Reviews from Atlassian Marketplace

Very useful addon. I should even say that it’s an essential addon when using Service Desk in scenarios with thousands of customers with valuable info of them stored in AD. This addon let our agents get customers info like telephone and extension number, job title, street address where to send technicians, and all this from inside JIRA, no more window changing to query into AD tools.

Leirbag Assuab

Well integrated with Jira (…). Working in a management team, I need these attributes every day so it’s really helpful. Earlier I had to ask database admins, now I can access it on my own. Great addon, thank you!

Keith Beyer

Active Directory Attributes Sync

Key features and benefits

  • Ensure data consistency and integrity within Active Directory and Jira

    Connect your Active Directory domain with Jira. Sync user attributes for up-to-date information.

    • Data consistency and integrity
      Connect to your Active Directory domain. Synchronize user attributes such as name, email address, phone number or department.
      Read more about configuring conntection settings in app’s documentation >>
    • Selective attributes sync
      Select specific Active Directory attributes to sync with Jira. Provide flexibility and control over the synchronized data.


  • Manage users and their attributes

    Manage users in Active Directory directly from Jira. Simplify and centralize user attribute modifications and searching.

    • Create, modify and delete users in Active Directory from Jira
      Update user information in Jira based on changes to user attributes in Active Directory. Create new users in Jira based on user attributes in Active Directory. 
    • Manage user attributes
      Simplify and centralize user attribute modifications in Active Directory directly from Jira. Automate self-service processes and eliminate AD admin overload.
    • Search for data with custom JQL
      Provide advanced issue searching by enabling the use of user attributes (e.g. easly find all Jira issues raised by users from HR department). Offer targeted and enhanced filtering capabilities.
      Read more about searching synchronized data in Jira >>
  • Use synchronized data

    Use synchronized data within Jira. Display it in several places in Jira and control access.



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