ITSM consulting

Turn our ITSM framework and Atlassian product expertise into flawless IT processes, tailored helpdesks as well as clear-cut service catalogs.

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years of working with Jira Service Management (since version 1.0)
completed ITSM projects in 2023 alone
Jira Service Management customers use our dedicated ITSM apps
ITIL-certified specialists on the team

IT workflow assessment

Get recommendations to enhance your IT efficiency.
We will identify key tasks, analyze ticket handling, and improve support processes.

IT process identification

Our team will distinguish key working processes in your IT and identify repetitive helpdesk tickets.

We will also establish connections between specific activities within your system(s).

User request handling

We will investigate the current process of handling requests.

We will also consider the roles involved in the process and their responsibilities.

Tool assessment

Together, we will discuss the tools in your IT department.

In case your IT department and customers use different tools, we will explore how they are integrated.

Business process identification

Deviniti will see how your IT department cooperates with business units.

We will gladly hear about the contact points and roles involved in business processes.

We will also discuss the current and target shape of your business workflows.

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Clients confirming the quality of our work

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SLA and performance metrics assessment

We’ll help you set up SLA definitions, and assess the efficiency of your measuring of IT process measurement.
Then we will adjust your metrics or offer ones that are more suited to your needs.

Establishing SLA definitions and triggers

We will help you specify the number of required SLA definitions.

Our team will also support you in deciding on triggers and managing the execution of SLAs.

Dealing with managing SLAs for many customers

Sometimes IT service projects include many customers with different requirements.

Our team will prepare you for such scenarios.

We can help you define a set of SLAs for each customer or specify rules per goal.

Determining and managing SLA goals

You will discover tools to set and navigate your SLA goals.

These include automated workflows, time tracking, and specialized SLA configurations.

We can also add real-time reporting features.

Reporting ground rules

With our help, discover the types of reports that your company needs.

Together, we will specify their content and distribution.

You can be certain that the right roles will have access to given reports.

Assessing Jira for optimal reporting

You will quickly understand in-depth reporting and analytical tools provided by Jira.

Monitor KPIs, track trends, and identify areas for improvement.

Consequently, you will be able to refine your service management strategy.

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Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner title:
Certifies the quality provided by our solutions and services.
Confirms our experience in implementing enterprise-grade solutions.
Allows us to offer attractive license terms.
ITSM Specialized badge confirms that:
We’ve completed 25 ITSM projects in 2023 alone.
Our Atlassian Services team holds ITIL4 Foundation and ITIL4 Specialist certifications.
We are among 30 companies worldwide recognized by Atlassian as ITSM experts.

Process systematization and tool selection

Optimize IT processes with streamlined systematization.
Get the best tool recommendation and ITIL guidance.

Building workflows

We will focus on IT process systematization.

This involves implementing structured approaches to manage, streamline, and optimize IT-related workflows.

Solution design

Deviniti will compare the Atlassian tool stack with your IT needs. Then our team will select the best tool configuration.

We will suggest solutions based on your process, business area, and responsibilities.

ITIL framework and tool guidance

We will design your support team workflows to match standard ITIL processes.

We will take into account fine-tuning the tools to accommodate them to your organizational nuances.

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IT service catalog creation

Structure your IT services into a process-based catalog.
Extend the same approach to non-technical teams by leveraging ESM.

Service identification

We will specify all the IT services that you provide and pre-arrange them.

Our team will also determine the processes affected by your services.

Catalog formation

We will create an IT service catalog based on the process specification.

It will include repeatable services implemented in a process-based manner.

Our team will also enumerate the resources needed for implementation.

Catalog access authorizations

We will discuss ways to restrict access to certain records in the service catalog.

We also establish services that need prior approval.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

We can go beyond IT and introduce helpdesk for non-technical teams.

We’ve done so with HR, procurement, and language translation processes.

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What our clients say

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Jira Service Management implementation was s a big change, and it was hard to adapt to. We were used to previous solutions, however uncomfortable had they been. But the migration proved right shortly after, and now we’re sure it leads us in the right direction. We see this change as a big plus – thank you, Deviniti, for your help!
Joanna Czochara
Computer Support Supervisor

What else can you get after your ITSM Consulting services?

Enjoy the abundance of our services that can support you with developing an efficient ITSM strategy.

Proof of Concept, test configuration

Thanks to this, you can discover the feasibility and functionality of proposed ITSM solutions.

We will test out the capacity to align your Atlassian tools and your company structure with the most optimal ITSM processes for your business.

Production deployment, target configuration

Continue with the actual implementation of ITSM solutions in a production environment.

We will ensure that the configuration aligns with your requirements and business goals.

Integration of Atlassian tools with other tools

Guarantee seamless communication and data flow.

We will do this by aligning the rest of your tool stack with the Atlassian platform.

Automation and scripting

Include development and implementation of automation processes and scripts.

If necessary, we can create custom apps for Jira Service Management.

User and administrator training

We will provide training sessions for both end users and administrators.

This is to ensure they have the necessary skills to use your new ITSM solution.

Technical support

You can either opt for post-implementation support or ongoing support.

Get it to address any issues that may arise after the implementation.

You can also decide on an ongoing service through a separate agreement.

Then you will receive continuous assistance and maintenance as needed.

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Why choose Deviniti as your ITSM Consultant?

We have a rare combination of various skills and advantages.

Multidisciplinary experience

Our team has cross-domain product, technical, and business process expertise.

It is proven by ITIL4 and ACP certifications.

Dedicated expert

You will get a dedicated expert throughout the entire project tenure.

They will be ready to implement our ITSM Consulting recommendations right away.

Creative solution design

We often present multiple ways to design a solution.

Then you can assess which one is the most optimal for your team.

Jira specialists

We’ve been working with Jira Service Management since the product inception in 2013.

We’ve created 6 Atlassian Marketplace apps to enhance the tool’s functionality.

Clear communication

Deviniti can guarantee seamless communication with the project team regardless of your time zone.

Regular meetings and updates on your selected communication platform are our standard.

Fast response

Service projects start within 5 working days upon agreement on the scope.

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Reliable solutions and experience guaranteed

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Book a consultation

We will reply in 24 hours with detailed information. Our expert will invite you for a meeting (or e-mail you) to determine the exact scope of your needs.

Call our consultant

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Sara Binerowska

Senior Account Executive | Atlassian Services

Our consultant is at your disposal from 9 AM to 5 PM CET working days from Monday to Friday for any additional questions.


Let’s answer your ITSM questions

  • Is Jira an ITSM tool?

    There are plenty of Atlassian tools that can be used to support ITSM practices. Jira Service Management is one of them and can be seamlessly integrated with them. It is designed to help IT service desks and IT teams manage and resolve incidents, handle service requests, and implement ITIL best practices. It includes a customer portal for self-service. Furthermore, JSM also covers SLA management, knowledge base, asset management, reporting, and much more. Jira is the perfect starting point for any company looking to implement ITSM processes. With its robust integration and app capabilities, it can effortlessly create a comprehensive environment tailored to your specific needs.

  • Is Jira suitable for ESM practises? 

    Yes, Jira can be suitable for Enterprise Service Management (ESM) practices. Despite its popularity in software development and IT teams, Jira’s flexibility and customization make it adaptable to a variety of business functions, including ESM. What is more Jira products cover the whole range of various use cases for tech and non-tech teams. The goal here is to help them cooperate on one comprehensive platform making daily work seamless.

  • How to improve the ITSM process?

    If you already rely on ITSM solutions and looking for a way to elevate results, the Deviniti team can help! We can provide you with a complex analysis and plan the next steps. We will provide assistance for each of them.

  • Is ITSM suitable for DevOps team?

    Yes, IT Service Management (ITSM) practices can be suitable for DevOps teams. A structured approach to service delivery, incident management, change management, and other IT processes complements DevOps’ emphasis on collaboration, automation, and agility in software development and IT operations.

  • ITSM vs ITIL – what is the difference?

    In essence, ITSM is a broader concept of the management, while ITIL is a specific best practice framework within ITSM.