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Minimize manual issue creation in Jira

Speed up the creation of various issue types with flexible Jira issue templates instead of manual typing. Generate repetitive tasks and their structures with ease.

Customers satisfied with Issue Templates for Jira

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Do your job in a flash

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Ensure quick and easy issue creation

Autofill Jira issues using flexible templates. Complete an entire form with a number of fields in a flash with versatile variables adjusted to with changing field values.

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Provide error-proofing and automation

Make sure that users provide full and error-free information. Minimize their time spent on creating issues from scratch. Manage their copying authorizations.

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Optimize Jira use in your project

Copy entire epics thanks to Jira epic templates, Jira user story templates, and Jira subtask templates. Boost your team’s productivity by automating repetitive issue creation.

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Streamline your workflow with cloning

Clone Initiatives and Legends in Advanced Roadmaps. Copy links and create issues from linked templates, copy web links, copy the entire structure from one template.

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Make Jira support your organization

Lower the entrance threshold for non-technical/business users to advance Jira adoption in your company. Improve issue management with dedicated JQL searchers.


Features bringing your work in Jira to a whole new level

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Templates for Jira issues

Save time by copying field values from pre-created templates instead of cloning them each time. Decide which fields should or should not be copied via using exceptions.

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Templates for Jira Epics, Stories, and sub-tasks

Create Jira issues faster through cloning entire epics with tasks, subtasks, and linked issues. Create structures within minutes no matter their size.

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Flexible template customization

Stay on the right track thanks to choosing specific fields you need to copy from a template. Apply variables to change field values as you need and use the templates in different contexts.

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Integration with advanced Jira features

Schedule creating Jira issues from templates by using Automation in Jira Software. Trigger issue creation externally, or create issues on a workflow transition. Copy structures bigger than Epic from Advanced Roadmaps, or apply them to issue creation.

Applications integrating with your Issue Templates for Jira

Apps icon Queues for Jira Service Management
Apps icon Dynamic Forms for Jira
Apps icon Active Directory Attributes Sync

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They value Issue Templates for Jira

Very helpful and powerful app that supports us in all areas of the business. It is always a pleasure to see happy users when we built some cool stuff for them with the help of templates. Also to mention the outstanding support of Divinity. Continue with the great work you do.
Frank Seebach
The tool has helped my users in terms of less manual Jira issue creations and clicks. As a result, it helps reduce the chance for error since the user does not have to create the issues one by one. The Deviniti support team has been prompt and thorough in their support replies when we raise questions for them.
Powerful app that can be used for a lot of different use cases across the business. Vendor support is responsive and willing to hear ideas on how plugin can be used and applied. Thanks!
Christopher Smart
I trialed this add-on a few months ago. I used Deviniti’s customer support to explain my problems and what my, personal, expectations for Issue Templates for Jira. I was very pleased to see that Deviniti added my Feature Request to their list of tasks and have updated the add-on to cater to my needs. This is gold dust. Deviniti is an exceptional add-on developer who is, at this time of writing, continually improving the add-on to match our needs (as long as we, the users, convey our needs in a constructive way).
John Walker

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Issue Templates for Jira

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It is fast, good and smart! Read more and find out why people use and love Issue Templates for Jira!
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The Issue Templates for Jira app provides a solution, which helps to optimize and improve the quality of your work.
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This app allows creating flexible templates for repetitive tasks and their structures in no time.
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