Atlassian (Jira) implementation

Improve your business operations seamlessly with our comprehensive Jira implementation services. From detailed planning and analysis to advanced customizations and ongoing support, we ensure every aspect of your tech journey is optimized for success.

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Planning and preparation

Maximize your new tool’s efficiency with our implementation planning and analysis services.
We ensure clear documentation of business requirements and tailored tool adjustment recommendations.

Consulting and workshops

We will analyze the ways your teams work, focusing on how they can do it better within Atlassian tools.

This includes defining performance KPIs (like incident resolution time, request response time, and SLA adherence), as well as establishing reporting mechanisms within Jira to track them.

System analysis

We will examine your current tool stack, whether it’s about looking for Jira integrations or transferring functionality from other solutions to Jira.

We will also consider the best hosting options and infrastructure that will suit your needs.

Business case

We will create a document outlining the agreed requirements and the implementation plan along with the project timeline and cost estimation.

This also includes any necessary integrations with non-Atlassian tools.

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Clients confirming the quality of our work

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Setup and configuration

We will set up a clean environment and prepare your Atlassian tools for work.
Enjoy configured workflows and dashboards that reflect your technical needs.

Environment setup

We will set up a new environment with Jira and related Atlassian Marketplace apps.

We will also configure user access and permissions, and plan data migration if necessary.

Testing will ensure stability before deployment and a smooth transition.

Project configuration

We will execute the implementation plan by configuring Atlassian Jira according to your business requirements.

This includes setting up projects, boards, issue types, and workflows, as well as integrating Marketplace apps and external tools to ensure smooth operation.

Reporting and dashboards

We will prepare a sample dashboard to present useful data such as the number of tickets in progress or sprint burndown.

Over time, we can add more options to help you monitor your teams’ performance and KPIs.

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Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner title:
Certifies the quality provided by our solutions and services.
Confirms our experience in implementing enterprise-grade solutions.
Allows us to offer attractive license terms.

Advanced customization

Ensure proper integration with other Atlassian tools as well as third-party solutions.
Enjoy automation and scripting features that will greatly enhance your work.

Marketplace app selection

If needed, we will help you select Atlassian Marketplace apps aligned with your specific needs.

We can also support you with implementing them to ensure proper configuration.

Integration support

We can help you integrate your Jira with other Atlassian tools.

If you’d like to integrate Jira with the rest of your stack, we will handle this process as well.

This will ensure flawless communication between various solutions.

Automation and scripting

We can help you eliminate certain menial tasks and speed up workflows with automation and scripting.

Examples include automatic closure of resolved tickets, or change of submission status when the submitter changes it.

You can also count on the automatic creation of a page containing information about specific incidents within your knowledge base.

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Maintenance and support

Ensure system operation and development with our support services.
We are committed to keeping your Jira instance optimized and freeing up your team’s time.
Help them navigate the system with our Jira training.

Project documentation

We will prepare a handy user manual to support your work with your new Jira instances.

The delivered documentation will include information about processes implemented in Jira to make it easier for users to use the system.

Post-implementation support

Once your implementation is complete, we will provide ongoing support to ensure that your instance is working correctly.

You can contact us with any issues, and we will respond promptly.

Jira training

Learn to manage all your company-specific processes in Jira for improved efficiency.

Our experts will show you the flexibility and capabilities of Jira that will let you greatly accelerate your work.

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What our clients say

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Thanks to the tool Deviniti implemented, the client had access to a general view of all of their projects, which facilitated their work. The team is trustworthy and professional. They worked in a timely manner to make sure expectations were met. Future clients will benefit from working with them.
Michał Domachowski
Solution Train Engineer

What else can you get in addition to Jira implementation?

Develop your Jira even further with our complimentary services.
They include PMO/PPM or Atlassian Marketplace app implementation, ITSM as well as long-term support and other.

PMO/PPM implementation

We will help you implement capacity management as an Atlassian tool feature.

You will get a high-level overview of all your projects and their contribution to the business goals.

IT service desk integration

We can help you improve IT service management processes.

This can involve integrating tools to improve incident management, request fulfillment, and service level management processes.

ITSM support

We can support you with setting up and implementing ITSM within your company.

We can also help you align your ITSM practices with ITIL best practices (assessment, implementation roadmaps, training programs).

Long-term support

We can help you with any discrepancies between the tool functionalities and your expectations or business goals.

We will make sure your Jira is always fully operational and remain in contact with you to confirm it.

License management

Get competitive pricing, entire license stacks under one invoice, and timely reminders or special offers.

Our license management services will ensure that you always have the most optimal license in terms of costs and service.

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Why choose Deviniti as your Jira implementation partner?

Enjoy the support of a long-term Platinum Solution Partner with a short response time and a team of dedicated experts.

Confirmed Atlassian expertise

We have 17 years of experience as an Atlassian Solution Partner and 50+ technical experts holding at least two Atlassian Certified Professional (ACP) certificates.

Cross-domain experience

Our team offers cross-domain product, technical, and business process expertise.

Enterprise IT support

We specialize in supporting IT departments of enterprises with 200-1,000+ employees and significant scale of operations.

Quick response

We will respond to your inquiry within 24 hours on working days.

Fast execution

We take on the project within 5 working days upon setting the scope.

Seamless communication

Deviniti can guarantee seamless communication with the project team regardless of your time zone.

Regular meetings and updates on your selected communication platform are our standard.

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Reliable solutions and experience guaranteed

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We will reply in 24 hours with detailed information. Our expert will invite you for a meeting (or e-mail you) to determine the exact scope of your needs.

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Our consultant is at your disposal from 9 AM to 5 PM CET working days from Monday to Friday for any additional questions.